Room Heater vs Blower
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Room Heater vs Blower

Many people have asked us about the differences between Room heater and blower. The funny fact is blower is a type of room heater. Let’s understand it by an analogy. If the room heater is a fruit, then blower is a mango fruit.

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There are three different models of Room heaters available in India.

  • Blower room heaters (also known as convection room heaters, fan room heater, ceramic heaters).
  • Radiant room heaters (also known as Halogen, Quartz, Infrared room heaters).
  • Oil filled room heater.

The ceramic coil is heated up in the blower type room heater. Hot air is passed through the coil and pushed out through the fan. As there is a fan, it is known as blower. Remember if you are buying a blower then you are buying a room heater.

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