Router for duplex house
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Router for duplex house

Router for a duplex house must cover a large area and have a strong and stable signal. Here we are furnishing details of best router for duplex house.

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  • Router for duplex house( sending email, web browsing purpose)
    For sending email and web browsing in duplex house, please go for a router that have at least 300 Mbps (N300) speed with single band (2.5GHz frequency) router.
  • router for duplex home
  • Router for duplex house( Video streaming, online HD-gaming)
    Please go to the Dual-band router with at least 600 Mbps (N600) speed router.

Where to place router in home

Router kept on the first floor in duplex house instead of ground floor for more coverage and strong signals. Wifi signals transfer upside to the downside.

  1. Place the router on high raise place. Router signal pass upside to bottom. If you place, router on top height, wifi signals free flow in all downside directions and covers a large coverage area.

  2. Place the router in the center of duplex house, Better to keep in first floor. Place router away from any obstruction like walls. Try to place on open space. Don't place behind the wood cabinets or shelves. Place your router as possible as you can away from electronic devices like microwaves, cordless phones, baby monitors, bluetooth devices etc.

  3. If your router has dual antennas place it in a perpendicular manner. Wifi signals are emits from sides of antennas. Placing router antennas in perpenduclaer or "L" shape cover large area.

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