What is WPS in router? How it makes connecting router and devices faster and easier?
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What is WPS in router? How it makes connecting router and devices faster and easier?

WPS or Wifi Protected Setup button allows router and devices (Smart phone, tablets, laptops, etc.) connect faster and easily without providing a password. WPS feature simplifies the connecting process.

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How WPS makes faster and easier connecting process

In old, traditional connecting process users have to enter router password manually, consumes times, whereas using up users simply pushes a button, that's it connected to the router. You will no longer need to remember, enter network name, password.

How to connect using wps

First press the WPS button on your router for at least 2 seconds, ups LED light starts blinking Now open your device, laptop or smartphone in that search for router SSID or network name that you want to connect. Click on the network name to connect. That's it, your device connect to router. Try connecting device within 2 minutes.

For connecting other type of wireless device such as wireless printer, repeaters press WPS button on the router then immediately press the ps button on the those devices. That's all, those devices connected to the router.

connect devices with wps

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