Front load washing machine problems
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Front load washing machine problems

These days majority of washing machine manufacturers is coming with Front load washing machine because of their compact design and power, water saving efficiency. If you are looking for a fully automated washing machine, undoubted that front load washing machine is your choice. Front load washing is quite better in efficiency compared to top load washing machine. Here we are furnishing some of point about the problems that have to phase while using front load washing machine.

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  • Front load washing machine, as the door is in the front side, you have bent to load and unload laundry. If you have severe back pain it is difficult to use front load washing machine. You can use pedestal drawer on which front load washing machine can be placed to rise to a higher level.

  • Front load washing machine, you can't open the door once you started the machine. It's locked from the inside and not allowed open until it fully drained. You can't add extra clothes to front load washing machine once it started.

  • Front load washing machines are making much noise. It made vibrate the surroundings and leads to unwanted noise.

  • Most front-loading washing machines cost hundreds of rupees more than a top load washing machine.

  • Front load washing machines are made up of costly and delicate machinery compare to top load washing machine. The front load washing machine is a costly and maintenance cost also high.

  • Front load washing cycles are long compared top load washing machine. If you are short on time undoubtful that front load washing not for you.

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