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What Capacity Washing Machine Do I Need?

Fully Vs Semi Automatic washing machine debate is imperative when considering the capacity of the washing machine you need. On the other hand, due to the fact that there are different capacities and sizes of washing machines, critical debate on fully Vs semi automatic washing machine before choosing the suitable one for your family will not only save you money, it will also save you time. Washing machine selector to choose right washing machine as per your needs by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Bear in mind that half-empty drum will waste electricity and water, if your washing machine is too big. On the other hand, you will do a lot of laundry on daily basis, if you buy a washing machine that is too small. Therefore, what capacity washing machine will you need? This is the question that leads to the debate on fully Vs semi automatic washing machine.

What is the Frequency of Your Washing?

Before you argue Fully Vs semi automatic washing machine, you need to consider the quantity and type of fabrics you wash on daily basis. The available space that these items will require to move around in the drum and get cleaned properly must also be considered when arguing fully Vs semi automatic washing machine.

You also need to go through the instruction manual for proper loading of your machine. Some of the manufacturers recommended that you should load the drum 75 percent full, in order to keep the washing machine in its best working order to obtain the best cleaning results.

Tips for Washing Capacity

This guide provides you with quantity and type of items that each drum can accommodate. All you need to do in fully Vs semi automatic washing machine choice is to weigh it with the daily washing needs of your family.

5 kg washing machine

25 t-shirts is the general guide for capacity However, in the normal use, the capacity of the machine is:

  • 2 shirts
  • 2 pairs of adult Jeans

  • Household Items
  • 2 small towels
  • 2 dish towels
  • 2 pillow cases
  • 1 bed sheet

7kg washing machine

35 t-shirts is the general guide for capacity Capacity for normal use:
  • 3 shirts
  • 1 pair of children jeans
  • 2 pairs of adult jeans

  • Household Items
  • 3 small towels
  • 3 dish towels
  • 2 pillow cases
  • 2 bed sheets

8kg washing machine

40 t-shirts is the general guide for capacity The Normal Use:
  • 3 shirts
  • 3 pairs of adult jeans

  • Household Items
  • 4 small towels
  • 4 dish cloths
  • 3 pillow cases
  • 2 bed sheets

 10kg washing machine

50 t-shirts is the general guide for capacity It is normally used as follow
  • 4 shirts
  • 3 pairs of adult jeans

  • Household Items
  • 3 small towels
  • 4 dish cloths
  • 6 pillow cases
  • 3 bed sheets

Fully Vs Semi Automatic Washing Machine Tips for Choosing the Right Capacity of Washing Machine

  • Opt for eco-friendly washing machine that consumes less energy. However, make sure you do your washing one or two times in a week, if you eventually buy a large capacity washing machine. This will save energy. Wait for the machine to be full before you do your washing. Do not wash for just few clothes
  • Buy washing machine according to your need. In other words, buy a small capacity washing machine, if you have a small family.
  • Buy a well branded and quality washing machine and stop looking for very big machine

Washing Machine Sizes

Fully Vs semi automatic washing machine option for your family will depend on the following factors:
  • The size of your family
  • Your lifestyle,
  • The space available
  • Personal preferences.

Common Washing Machine Sizes

There are two major things you must consider when you are debating Fully Vs semi automatic washing to choose washing machine sizes – the capacity (the amount of clothes it can wash in a single load), as well as the real washing machine dimensions, including the height, width, and depth.

24-27in wide, 34-43in tall and 22-26in deep are the average dimensions of a typical washing machine. A washing machine of medium size will have a capacity of almost 6-7 kg or 13-15 pounds per wash. This is the general size of washing machines and will be appropriate for nearly all families.

A large washing machine will be able to accommodate at least 8-9 kg (17-20 pounds) of clothes. However, there are also larger models that can even carry a load of 10 or even 11 kg (22-24 pounds). While it is a fact that larger washing machine sizes generally carry a bigger load, a number of brands provide higher or sophisticated models that have the equal dimensions as simpler models, but hold a bigger drum. These are typically costlier in both initial acquisition and use.

Before concluding the argument of fully Vs semi automatic washing machine, it is also essential to distinguish between top and front load type of washing machines.

Load Type

Washing machines are in top and front loads. Therefore, you must also consider the load type of washing machine that will meet your needs, when looking at fully Vs semi automatic washing machine.

Top Loading Washing Machine

Load Type

Which washing machine will suit your requirements better - a top-loading one or a front-loading one?

Top Loading Washing Machine

This type of washing machine loads clothes from the top because the tub sits in the machine perpendicularly. When compared to frontage loading washing machines, they have fewer wash programs. This type of washing machine is easy to use.

Top or Apex loading washing machines can use impeller or agitator systems, similar to half-automatic washing machines.

Front Load Washing Machine

Front loading washing machines offer better wash quality and have the longest wash cycles. Front load washing machines work in such a manner that clothes require little water to soak.

Front load washing machine features horizontal tub that makes use of a tumbling action system to clean clothes.

The Bottom Line

In fully Vs semi automatic washing machine debate, argument for and against any of these machines will depend on every individual. The best washing machine for one a family may not be for another family. However, you must consider the capacity and size of the washing machine of your choice critically before you make your choice. Think about buying washing machine that features both the dryer and washer together.

The washing machine buying guide above will help you buttress your argument when it comes to debating fully Vs semi automatic washing machine.

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