All about Washing Machine Fuzzy logic
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All about Washing Machine Fuzzy logic

Depending on the clothes quantity, washing machine’s fuzzy logic automatically decides the required amount of water, detergent and wash them. As there is no standard for fuzzy logic, different manufacturers, uses different types of sensors or combination of sensors are used to determine best wash conditions by fuzzy logic. These sensors monitor the whole wash process and makes corrections to gives best wash quality.

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What does fuzzy logic in washing machines

Fuzzy logic controls the complete washing process, it decides the time to wash, rinse and spine, quantity of water, water temperature, advice to use required amount of detergent, how many times to rinse clothes and at what speed have to spin the for drying. In some more advanced washing machines, weigh the clothes so that you can't have to overload the machine, automatically draw required detergent from the inbuilt detergent tray, some other machines use advanced past experience learning, memorizing programs, adjust the wash cycle in such a way the it minimizes the total running cost.

Fuzzy logic checks the balance of washing load. If sensors detect the imbalance, it makes rebalance and starts the machine, In other case, it slow down the spinning speed. This control washing machine spinning, reduces the spinning noise as well as improved durability of washing machine.

How to use fuzzy logic in washing machine.

There is no additional process process or button to start fuzzy logic in the washing machine. Just load the clothes in the washing machine, press “program” button, that's it, the machine uses fuzzy logic to decide washing factors.

A wide range of washing machine fuzzy logic features one touch control. Operational with power saving attributes, these category of washing machines use a reduced amount of energy and they will offer you value for your hard earned cash, if you wash full loads for more than thrice in a week.

Washing machine fuzzy logic control systems

All fuzzy logic control systems are different from one washing machine to another. Therefore, different combinations of settings and sensors are being used by washing machine manufacturers so as to give washing machine better and adequate control over how they wash clothes.

fuzzy logic washing machine control

Which type of washing machines come with fuzzy logic?

Most of fully automatic washing machine has fuzzy logic. In front load washing machine fuzzy logic is common and necessary feature whereas in top load washing machine it depends on the model.

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