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Important washing machine parts and how they work?

In order to know how to tackle minor problems that may occur in the course of using your washing machine, you must be able to identify some of the available washing machine parts India and their functions. This is imperative because knowing a little concerning some of the washing machine parts India as well as their functions could save you some of the difficulties you may encounter while using your washing machine. Try our Washing machine selector to choose right washing machine as per your needs by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

It is no more new that there are diverse kinds of washing machines in India and all of them are not the same, both in design and model. This shouldn’t border you in any way because washing machine parts and function buttons are quite similar all over.

Washing Machine Parts India and their Functions

Critical examination of washing machine parts India and how they work will help you understand the general working of your washing machine.

Washing machine tap adapter

washing machine tap adapter

washing machine tap connector

Fully automatic washing machines are attached to the water inlet all the time by using this tap adapter. It looks like as shown in the figure, mounted to the water tap and adapter outlet connected to washing machine water inlet pipe (hose). Tap adaptor comes along with washing machine and during installation,the technician will connect the tap adaptor. On water leakage from tap, adaptor you have to consult the technician again, until that you can’t use a washing machine. However, connecting tap, adaptor is little bit complicated one, it needs expertise. That’s why local manufacturers provide specialized washing machine taps. They are known by “washing machine taps” in the market. Before buying a washing machine, by taking plumber help fix this washing machine tap at where you are going place washing machine will avoids the upcoming troubles.

Water inlet hose and drain hose(pipe)

washing machine drain hose

washing machine inlet hose

In fully automatic washing machines, water supplied through the this hose from water inlet tap to washing machine. However, washing machine manufacturers provide this hose of length approximately 1.5 to 2 meter lengths along with washing machine. In case, water tap is much far from the washing machine, you can buy 3 to 5 meter hose market. Other hose is drain hose, as it names it used to release drain water after each wash cycle. Similar to inlet hose, manufacturers provide short length drain hose, if length one needed, you can purchase from outside.

Washing machine drum

washing machine drum

It is a steel shining container, in which laundry loaded for a wash. In top load washing machine drum sits vertically, whereas, in front load washing machine drum sits horizontally.

Washing machine motor

washing machine motor

This electric motor attached to the drum, rotates the drum. Depending on the washing machine, laundry load, type of fabric and wash programs motor speed varies. In case of drum is not at all rotating, it might happen due to motor failure or power supply to motor fails.

Washing machine lint filter

washing machine lint filter

washing machine lint filter rectangular

Lint means fine fibers which are separated from clothes during washing. This lint stick to clothes and makes clothes moldy and musty. The lint filter is used to avoid all this mess. The lint filter is made up of fine fiber or metal mesh and tightly integrated in the drum. While washing clothes, water passes through the filter and this filter sustain all the lint inside. Before each wash user has to detach the lint filter from drum and clean with clean water.

Washing machine agitator

Washing machine agitator

It is a plastic spindle that vertically fitted in the washing machine drum. Agitators helps to move clothes back and forth. It helps to clothes to rub together for for better washing quality. However, now a days manufacturers discards the agitator because it causes clothes to knit and makes unloading clothes much painful. It equipped in semi automatic or top loading washing machine only.

Washing machine impeller

Washing machine impeller

It is the replacement of agitator. Basically it is hard plastic plate is fitted at bottom of drum, tub and rotates while machine is operating. Impeller produces a turbulent current and makes clothes easily move in the drum. It equipped in semi automatic or top loading washing machine only.

Washing machine pulsator

It is just like an advanced version of the impeller. Pulsator just look like a plastic panel along with the 3 to 4 small 5 cm diameter rotating propellers. Pulsator moves in clock and anticlockwise direction to slowly remove dirt from clothes. Most of the times pastors are equipped with top loading washing machines only.

Washing machine detergent dispenser

Detergent dispenser is tray in which we put required detergent before machine start. Some advanced front load washing machines allows to keep detergent as much as you can but the machine will uses required amount of detergent depending on the amount of laundry and remaining detergent is kept in dispenser only. Some models integrated provides bleach as well as softener dispenser too.

With the simple explanation of important washing machine parts India and functions above, you have no problem operating your washing machine any longer.

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