General Washing Machine Installation Tips
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General Washing Machine Installation Tips

However, for the new new washing machine, manufacturers provide free demo and installation too. Although, it will good to know how install. Somewhat it useful when needed to shift washing machine one place to another in home or in another home in case of shift the home.

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Read washing machine product manual

By default, all washing machine manufacturers provide a manual along with the warranty card. Although, if you lost that, you can get a product manual from the manufacturer's website. Look for safety instruction like where can be installed, where not have to install, precautions while installing.

Removes locks and pins

Safely remove the cardboard box from washing machine. Remove thermacool and cover which are inside the drum. Thermacool protect the washing machine from getting damage during transport.

Where to install washing machine

Install washing where the water inlet tap, electricity wall socket and drain water outlets are available. Most important is installing place must be dry, free from moisture and wet. Must not be flowing water on the floor surface. Must NOT to be installed in the washroom or bathroom, balconies. It is more dangerous and high risk of getting electric shock as well as water spills damages washing machine.

How to connect washing machine inlet hose

Inlet hose (pipe) supplies to the washing machine. In full automatic washing machine always washing machine connected to water inlet tap. The user must NOT to off the tap. Fully automatic washing machine itself off and on the tap depending on water requirement. First of all, connect “washing machine tap, adaptor” to tap. Tap adaptor is provided by the manufacturer. However, you can purchase new one in the market.

washing machine water inlet hose, pipe

Loosen all the screws in a tap connector and insert into tap, after that tight all the screws slowly one after another. Now connect water inlet hose to tap, adaptor and other side of hose for washing machine.

How to connect drain pipe to washing machine

Backside of washing contains a drain hole. Drain pipe contains a metal clip or clamp, push together these clip edges to come closer, now push drain pipe into the drain hole. Now release the metal clips. These metal clips tightly hold the pipe into the drain hole. Now, connect the other end of this drain pipe to your home main drain pipe.

How to connect washing machine electricity

connect washing machine electricity

Most of washing machines equipped with 6 Amp plug, connect directly into a 6 amp wall socket. Don't use any extension wires, that may be overheated and causes fire hazards. Don't connect another device along with washing machine in single wall socket.

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