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Semi automatic washing machine under 8,000

Videocon, Onida and Electrolux are famous for manufacturing inexpensive and best washing machines. There are few numbers of semi automatic washing machines under 8,000 rupees. We are here furnishing some of the best models. Try our Washing machine selector to choose right washing machine by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

How to use semi automatic washing machine

Semi automatic washiing machine has two tubs, one for washing and another for drying. First add clothes to washing tub then pour water and add detegent then set the timer for washing time.When the wash is completed, drain the water and then add more water for the rinse cycle. Repeat this process 2 times and drain water. Transfer the wet clothes to drying tub after that remove the clothes and hang them on the line to dry.

Our rating system

We gave ratings to washing machines 1 to 5. Here are some variables that we consider while rating a washing machine.

  • Product specification
  • Brand reputation and customer care service
  • Number of features for given price
  • Product reviews
  • Price
You can read our Washing machine Buying guide to get the complete picture.

Onida 6.5 kg Washer Only (WS65WLPT1LR Liliput

Onida 6.5 kg Washer Only (WS65WLPT1LR Liliput


Videocon Semi automatic washing machine 6.0 Kg - VS60A11

Semi automatic, top loading, capacity: 6 kg, pulsator wash method, 180 rpm powerful motor, no in-built heater, grey color, dimensions: 75 cm x 89 cm x 43.5 cm, 230 W power consumption, 1 year compressive warranty.

Videocon VS60A12-DMU Storm Prime Semi-automatic Washing Machine

6 kg capacity, semi automatic, top loading, pulsator washing method, dimensions: 75 cm x 89 cm x 43.5 cm, white color, 800 rpm motor,no inbuilt heater, 180 W power consumption, lint collector, 1 year company warranty. Please read our articles on best fully automatic washing machine under 20,000 for more information on best washing machines in current market.

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