Fully Vs Semi Automatic Washing Machine
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Fully Vs Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Fully automatic washing machines are trending, occupied most of the market. Whereas, semi automatic washing machines have been losing its trend. As it names, fully automatic washing machines completely automate the washing process and don’t take much human effort. Whereas, semi automatic washing machines need lots of human intervention while washing. Here, we summarize the complete details of fully automatic and semi automatic washing machine and how they differ from each other.

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Semi automatic washing machine

This type of washing machine contains two tubs, one for washing and another for drying the clothes. You have to move manually clothes from wash tub to drying tub. A lot of human effort needed while washing clothes.

Fully automatic washing machine

This type of washing machine contains only one tub for both washing and drying. No need to manually move clothes between the tubs. Very less human effort required. Fully automatic washing machines categorized into two.

  • Top load washing machine
  • Front load washing machine

Top load washing machine

Its wash tub, drum sits vertically. You have place clothes from top sided door.

Front load washing machine

Its wash tub, drum sits horizontally. You have to place clothes from front sided door.

Washing machine size

As a semi automatic washing machines have two tubs, it is large in size compared to a fully automatic washing machine. However, the weight of the semi automatic washing machine is much less than full automatic washing machine and easily movable.

Washing machine power consumption

Due to its advanced features fully automatic washing machines consumes more electricity than semi automatic washing machine. Whereas, front load washing machines are energy efficient than a top load washing machine. In case of electricity shutdown, clothes can take out easily from semi automatic, top load washing machine, but front load washing machine does not allow you open door until the power comes and wash cycle complete.

Water flow to washing machine

In semi automatic washing machine water have to manually fill using pipe or bucket. It's completely user responsibility to when poor water, when stop water. Whereas, with fully automatic washing scenario is completely different. Fully automatic washing machines attach to water inlet tap. Water tap alway be open. Washing machine itself takes water whenever require and stops the when not required. No human involvement needed to fill water in fully automatic washing machine.

Top load washing machine and front load washing machines require a continuous water supply. It will be quite troublesome if you are living in the water crisis area. Other worst thing thing is fully automatic washing machine requires substantial water pressure along with continuous water supply.

Washing machine price

Due to limited features and functionalities, semi automatic washing machines are most inexpensive one. Semi automatic washing machine price starts from 8,000 rupees in India. Top load washing price varies from 15,000 rupees to 40,000 rupees. Whereas, advanced features front load washing machine price vary from 25,000 rupees to 60,000 rupees in India.

Wash quality

Semi automatic washing machines provide moderate wash quality. Some stains are retained even after wash, you need to rub the stains with scrub. Whereas fully automatic washing provides best wash quality. No need to scrub the clothes after each wash cycle.

Semi automatic washing machine Top load washing machine Front load washing machine
No. of tubs Two One One
Wash quality Average Good Excellent
Human effort Very high Very less Very less
Wash cycle speed Fastest Fast Slow
Continues water supply Not required 100% required 100% required
Can add clothes after wash cycle started Yes Yes No, not at all
Fuzzy logic No Yes Yes
Machine weight Very low Moderate Very high
Machine space Very high Less Less
Hot wash No Few All
Chance to get electric shock Moderate Less Less
Price Rs. 8,000 to 15,000 Rs. 15,000 to 40,000 Rs, 25,000 to 60,000

Advantages of semi automatic washing machine

  • Does not continous water supply. This will much helpful if you are living in water crisis area.
  • Small duration wash cycle.
  • Consumes less water compared to fully automatic washing machine.
  • Lightweight, easily movable

Disadvantages of semi automatic washing machine

  • Need to manually move clothes from washing tub to drying tub.
  • Has risk getting electric shock while clothes from wash tub to dry tub. Although, it can be avoided by properly earth the washing machine or get rid of washing machine from the wall socket while moving clothes.
  • Occupies more space compared to full automatic washing machines.

Advantages of top load washing machine

  • Inexpensive, fits in budget compared to front load washing machine
  • Extra clothes can be added even after wash cycle started.
  • Faster wash cycle
  • Easily can be movable

Disadvantages of top load washing machine

  • Requires continuous water supply
  • Moderate wash quality
  • Only few models have hot water wash facility

Advantages of front load washing machine

  • Best wash quality
  • Equipped with advanced new features
  • Capable to handle all type of delicated clothes

Disadvantages of front load washing machine

  • Expensive compared to all other model washing machines
  • Slow and long wash cycle
  • Heavy weight, very tough to move
  • Requires continues as well as sustainable pressured water supply

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