Air purifier comparison
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Air purifier comparison

There are multiple air purifiers in the market with different types of filters and varying sizes. This guide will help you in knowing the different types of filters and sizes and picking the most suitable filter and size.

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Basically, there are three filters - HEPA filter, Activated carbon filter and pre filter. HEPA filters is mean to filter small particles of size 0.3 micrometer or more. Activated carbon filters, specialized in removing bad odours and smells of home. Pre filter can filter large particles, pet hair and other. They increase the longevity of the HEPA filter. Read more about HEPA filters to understand more about HEPA filters. The importance of pre filter in air purifiers is explained detailed in the mentioned article.

Air purifier filter types and comparison

HEPA filter Activated carbon filter Pre filter
Large particles Yes Yes
Pet hair Yes Yes
Bad odors Yes
Smoke particles Yes
Smoke odors Yes
Small dust particles Yes
Large dust particles Yes Yes
Small pollen,mold particles Yes
Large pollen,mold particles Yes Yes
Price Rs. 3,000 to 15,000 Rs. 1,000 to 3,000 Rs. 100 to 300

Air purifier size

The size of air purifier and CADR plays an important role in deciding air purifier. We hope below size chart comparison will you in deciding right air purifier size. Do read more about air purifier size.

Room type Air Purifier area covered specification Suggested CADR value
Bedroom( upto 300 sq.ft ) Area covered at least 300 sq.ft 140
Living room( 300 to 600 sq.ft ) Area covered 500 sq.ft - 600 sq.ft 270
Total house(more than 600 sq.ft ) Area covered 800 sq.ft - 1,000 sq.ft 400

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