Air purifier side effects in India
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Air purifier side effects in India

Air purifiers are meant for clean air but unfortunately due to some wrong air purifiers in the market people are becoming skeptical in choosing the air purifiers. Few even doubt whether they really helps or not? Will there be any side effects of air purifiers. The article clarify all your doubts.
The reason for being skeptical is not wrong, because there are many harmful air purifiers in the market. On the contrary buying they will damage our health drastically. So being cautious is good thing. The total blame on air purifier skepticism goes to Ozone.

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Ozone air purifiers side effects

Unfortunately there are many ozone generators names as air purifier and sold in the market. Ozone generator emit ozone in the air. Manufacturers say that ozone kills all the bacteria and virus and removes bad odors. But the fact is small quantity of Ozone cannot kill bacteria or virus. Large quantity of Ozone might kill bacteria and viruses but such level of Ozone is very dangerous for humans. In US FDA declared that ozone cannot be used in medical treatment and legal action will be taken against the business. Ozone is lung irritant and can cause asthma, lungs disease, chest congestion and other potential harmful health effects. Read more about ozone air purifiers.

Air Ionizer side effects

Air ioniser simple emit charged ions in the air which makes the bacteria and viruses stick to the wall. But its effectiveness is questions and legal lawsuit was also filed on Sharp organization. Apart from that Air Ionizers tends to emit Ozone as by product in the process of generating charged ions. So be cautious with Air Ionizers and consider taking ionizers only if the air purifier product description mentions 'zero ozone'.

UV air purifiers side effects

As mentioned above similar to air ionizers UV air purifiers also releases ozone as by product. Damaged UV bulbs can expouse mercury contaminations in the air. So it is better to avoid taking UV air purifiers. Usually UV filters and Air Ionizers are added as add on filter to HEPA filter. It is always good to avoid such combinations. Read more about UV air purifiers harmful effects.

Cleaning precautions with HEPA filters to avoid side effects

Apart from that continuous servicing of air purifier is must. You need to replace the filters at regular intervals of time. Forgetting that leads to inhaling toxic air and thinking that you have clean air access. While cleaning the HEPA filters you should be very careful as if the container is not sealed and dust is exposed to air the bacteria and viruses can once again enter the air. So precautions are advised.

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