Air purifier for living room, 2024
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Air purifier for living room, 2024

Living room is the place you stay total day in your home. So in that sense having good air purifier for living room has additional specifications. In this article we discuss how to select best living room air purifier.

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Living room is the focal area of home where all family members hang around and spend TV. If you live in polluted environment having good air purifier is boon. The challenge is to select the air purifier which suits to our living room needs. In fact you can say these type of air purifiers as large room air purifiers too. Read more about how to select bedroom air purifiers.

The important properties of Living room air purifiers

We are listing few properties of air purifiers for home, in short they are coverage area and CADR.

  • Look for the 'Area covered' specification in the air purifier description. Area covered should be equal or more than living room size. Please consider the air purifier with area covered 600 sq.ft - 1,000 sq.ft.

  • The CADR indicates the volume of filtered air delivered by an Air Purifier. It is a measure of cleaning speed. Better CADR means efficient and faster air purification. CADR of at least 350 as your room size is more than 600 sq.ft.

  • Noise is primary decision point for bedroom but not living room, as noise disturbs sleep quality. So you do not need to shell more money to buy noise free. Little noise is ok in living room.

Best living room air purifiers

  • PHILIPS High Efficiency Air Purifier AC2887/20
    It is robust air purifier with area covered is around 269-409 sq ft. sq.ft, CADR of value 333 m3/H, priced around Rs. 15,000

  • SHARP-Air Purifier (FU-A80E-W)
    Area covered: 600 sq.ft, CADR: 480 m3/H, priced around Rs. 30,500.

  • Philips AC4372/10 63-Watt Air Purifier (White)
    Philips AC4372 is amazing air purifier with area covered is about 753 sq.ft,
    CADR of value 341 m3/H and priced around Rs. 38,000.

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