Best air purifiers for Indian smokers
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Best air purifiers for Indian smokers

Smoking is injurious to health, but it is inevitable then how can you protect your family from the side effects of smoking inside. Will Air Purifiers solve the problem? If so upto what extent and what aspects. Let us dwell into the niche gitchy details of smoking world.

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Smoking health hazards

Yes, smoking is believed as injurious to health and so the smoking boxes have the danger sign as well. Smoking is widely linked with cancer, lungs infection, throat cancer and Asthma and other side effects. Smoke is even more dangerous to children. Smoking effects are classified into three categories.

  • First Hand smoke
    It is the smoke which is directly inhaled into the smoker's own lungs
    The person who smokes directly gets affected.
  • Second hand smoke
    Second hand smoke is a mixture of exhaled smoke by the smoker and other smoke from cigarette, cigarette ashes mixed in the air and can be inhaled by others. It is also known as Passive smoking.
  • Third hand smoke
    It is the disaster side effects after second hand smoke left. The smoke particles still remains on surfaces and attached to objects, walls and continuously emit carcinogenic pollutants.

Air Purifiers for smokers is final resort, not the first step

Before we begin first understand that air purifiers for smoke are last step and not the first. Try these things before you really think you need air purifiers.

  • Try to quit smoking. It is always good.
  • If not, then smoke outside of home. In the garden or open area where it is permitted and does not harm others.
  • In India, finding such places is little difficult. Apart from smoking in public places is strictly prohibited by the law. If you live in apartments smoke in balcony. Make sure smoke does enters in upper floor balcony.
  • When everything fails the final option is to smoke inside. Make sure others are not closer to you so that they can be rescued from second hand smoke.

To which extent Air Purifiers for smokers can help?

  • You don’t need air purifiers to combat second hand smoke. It is ridiculous to use air purifier for such purpose. The analogy is like this - “cleaning the floor and at the same time making it dirty with muddy shoes”. The simple solution is to smoke while no one is around or ask politely to move to another place.
  • Air Purifier can really helpful in reducing the effects of third hand smoke. Air Purifiers can absorb the harmful fumes before it is rested on walls, furniture and floor.

What air filters are best for cigarette smoke

It depends on smoke! Smoke has two parts, one is visible smoke that you can see and have airborne particles. The seconds part is invisible - microscopic particle which form the smell. We hope below table will help to nail down the right filter

Smoke parts Property Filter suggestion
Visible airborne particles You can see the particles in the smoke HEPA filter
Invisible microscopic particles They form the cigarette smell Activated Carbon filter
Final suggestion: HEPA filter + Activated Carbon filter

Yes, you need to choose both the HEPA and Activated Carbon filters. Either these filters are arranged in linear manner or can be combined into one big filter. It depends on the manufacturer to manufacturer. HEPA filters are good to capture dust and visible airborne particles but cannot remove smells or odors. Activated carbon filters are the only filters that can remove bad odors.


  • Better to smoke outside and take some precautions before deciding on air purifiers.

  • Air purifiers can only protect from third hand smoke upto some extent.

  • HEPA + Activated carbon filters are the best choice to combat smoke.

Best Air Purifiers for smoke in India

As we have mentioned in the above section you need to consider HEPA + Activated carbon filter. Please read more about HEPA air purifiers to know more about HEPA terminology. Best HEPA air purifiers price is around Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. As alternative you can consider other H13 class HEPA filter or some lower class filter. Here is the list of best handpicked air purifiers.

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