Shocking facts about ozone air purifiers in India
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Shocking facts about ozone air purifiers in India

Air purifiers market is filled with different type of technologies and so much innovation is happening. Ozone air purifiers are hailed as economical air purifiers by manufacturers. In this article we investigate the effectiveness and health issues associated with Ozone air Purifiers

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What is Ozone?

As we know three oxygen molecules bond and form a ozone molecule. Apart from that we know the Ozone layer in upper atmosphere save us from UV light radiation. Because of this reason many people think that Ozone is good for health unfortunately it is not the case.

What are the health side effects of Ozone?

Ozone has significant health issues importantly to lungs. Ozone is lung irritant and can cause respiratory problem. Asthma patients get more asthma attacks due to Ozone inhalation. Chest congestion, breathing difficulties are other health concerns. As per FDA(U.S. Food and Drug Administration) norms more than 0.005 ppm(parts per million) is unsafe for humans.

What are Ozone Air Purifiers

Unfortunately Ozone generators are renamed, rebranded as Ozone Air Purifiers, in reality they are just Ozone generators. It is not purifiers as there is no filter to capture pollutants. It is a machine which emit Ozone in the air at regular interval of time. In many observations it was observed that the Ozone limit exceeded the safe limits.

In fact the effectiveness of Ozone Air Purifiers is questioned a lot. Air Purifiers cannot kill bacteria and viruses. The reason is simple the level of ozone the machines emit is not sufficient to kill bacteria and viruses. If the increase the dosage it will harm humans.

Ozone does not purify the dust particles, pollen, mold as there is no filter in it. In fact Ozone react with such particles and form harmful chemical components which is again very dangerous to our health.

Moral of the story ozone purifiers do not clean or purify air. But overdosage and chemical reactions with other pollutants makes the situation worse. In short Ozone purifiers increase the indoor pollution. Read more at Ozone facts at Air resources board.

Do Ozone Air Purifiers are available in India?

Unfortunately yes, and one Ozone purifier by a famous brand is best selling product as well. It is priced between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 4,000. We think people just one to have fancy air purifier and when they see the air purifier at such low price they could not resist and bought them without research. The reviewers of Ozone filters is very negative. Before buying air purifier if you find ‘ozone air purifier’ keywords in the product name then strictly avoid those air purifiers. It is very sad that big brands are build such unsafe products just for some money.

Does Ozone produced in other Air Purifiers as well?

Yes, the sad story does not end at direct Ozone air purifiers. But continues to Air Ionizers and UV air purifiers. Air Ionizers are another type of air purifiers. Air Ionizers releases negatively charged ions in the air. These negatively charged ions can form bond with oxygen in the air and form Ozone. So it is better to avoid Air Ionizers. Only exception is that if the manufacturer says in the product description that it is ‘ozone safe’ or ‘zero percent ozone’. Generally these air ionizers comes as combination with filters. Philips AC4014 36-Watt Air Purifier have ozone safe air ionizer as one component. Read more about them at

Ozone Air Purifiers alternatives in India

Yes, there are many filters available in the market. Example HEPA and activated carbon with pre filter combination.

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