Air purifier for bedroom, 2024
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Air purifier for bedroom, 2024

Bedroom air purifiers are little different from normal air purifiers compared to living room air purifiers. In this article learn more about the differences and pick the best air purifier for bedroom.

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You might wonder what is the difference between air purifiers for bedroom and living room? There are two specific attributes that make bedroom air purifier different from living room - room size, and noise level. Bedroom air purifiers needs to be quiet. This is the most important quality of bedroom air purifiers.

In general bedroom is already occupied with air conditioner or room heater, fan. Air purifier should not add more to the noise fury. Perfect sound sleep requires silence is critical. Short summary of results are given below in the tabular form. Read more about living room air purifiers selection as well.

Feature Living room Bedroom
Area covered Area covered in the product description should be very high Area covered is medium
Noise Medium As low as possible
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) High CADR Medium CADR

So the final specification is it should be as quiet as possible and the product description ‘area covered’ description should cover bedroom size. So the next question what is acceptable noise level and how I should check that in the product description.

Noise level for bedroom Air purifier

Once you know bedroom air purifier should be quite, the next natural question is what is acceptable noise level? First noise or sound is measured in decibels (in short db). Ideally low decibel air purifiers best. The perfect decibel range for air purifier is as low as 20 decibels to 30 decibels. It may be little difficult to understand how 20 decibels sounds. We are presenting a table of commonly refered sounds so that you can guess relatively.

Activity Sound in decibels
Whisper 20 dB
Rain fall 30 dB
Fan 40 dB
Refrigerators 55 dB
Vacuum cleaner 70 dB
Hair dryer 75 dB
Food processor 90 dB
Food blenders 100 dB

List of best Bedroom Air Purifiers

  • Philips AC 2882 Air Purifier ( 20.5 dB)
  • Philips AC 2887 Air Purifier ( 20.5 dB)
  • Philips AC 4072 Air Purifier ( 20.5 dB)
  • Blueair Classic 450E (32 dB)
  • Blueair Sense+ (29 dB)
Please see there are multiple modes for noise as well. You can use normal mode at day time and quiet mode while sleeping.

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