How to select the right air purifier size for room?
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How to select the right air purifier size for room?

Choosing right air purifier size is one of the critical decision in the air purifier selection. Say you want to buy air purifiers for living room and you buy small size air purifier then air cleaning effectiveness will be not upto the mark. Similarly if you buy large size air purifiers for bedroom then it is waste of money.

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What exactly Air purifier size means?

Every air purifier has one size specification, it is nothing but 'area covered'. Air purifier size is measured in square feets (sq. ft). For example, in the air purifier product specifications the 'area covered' field is 350 sq. ft then it means that air purifier is suitable for room size less than or equal to 350 sq. ft. Please see it is always better to buy little higher capacity air purifier than room size.

The CADR rate indicates the volume of filtered air delivered by an Air Purifier. It is a measure of cleaning speed. Every size air purifier has corresponding CADR value as well. Below table explain various air purifier size models with their suggested CADR rate.

Room type Air Purifier area covered specification Suggested CADR value
Bedroom( upto 300 sq.ft ) Area covered at least 300 sq.ft 140
Living room( 300 to 600 sq.ft ) Area covered 500 sq.ft - 600 sq.ft 270
Total house(more than 600 sq.ft ) Area covered 800 sq.ft - 1,000 sq.ft 400

The table is quite self explanatory. For bedroom of size up to 300 sq.ft consider air purifier with area covered specification of 300 sq.ft and CADR value of 140. Similarly CADR Of value 270 and area covered 600 sf.ft is much suitable for living room. The air purifier for total house should have area covered at least 800 sq.ft to 1,000 sq. ft with CADR value 400.

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