Importance of Air purifier pre filter, 2024
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Importance of Air purifier pre filter, 2024

Pre. filters of air purifiers are important component. Per filters are the most economical and cheapest filters. In this articles we discuss more about the advantages of per filters.
In short Pre filter collects hair and large dust particles. Per filters are involved in the first layer filtration. First air is passed through the pre filters. Pre filters captures the large hair and large dust particles, mold. The output air of pre filters is then passed to second layer of filters - either HEPA or carbon filters

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HEPA filters meant to capture small particles like 0.25 micrometer to 0.3 micrometer. By having pre filter will reduce the burden on the HEPA filter or carbon filter. Pre filters improve the lifetime or longevity of HEPA filter.

Filter type Cost
HEPA filter Rs. 3,000 to Rs.18,000
Activated Carbon filter Rs. 1,000 to Rs.3,000
Pre filter Rs. 150 to Rs.700

Types of Pre filters

Pre filters can be classified on two aspects washability and packaging.

  • Washable pre filters
    Washable pre filters are little costlier around Rs. 700
    but you can wash them and reuse them multiple number of times.

  • Non washable pre filters
    Pre filters are not washable, cheaper around Rs. 150 to Rs.300.
    You can not wash them. They are use and throw model.
    But you need to replace them at regular interval of time like 3 months.

  • Pre filter combined with HEPA filter or Activated carbon
    In this type pre filter is clubbed with HEPA filter and you need to replace the whole filter. You just cannot replace only pre filter. As they are combined with HEPA it means that pre filter is not washable as well.

  • Pre filter combined with HEPA filter
    Pre filter is single item and it is not clubbed with other filters.
Unfortunately there are air purifiers even without pre filter. It is always good to buy a air purifier with pre filter. We are presenting few best hand picked air purifiers with pre filter. We hope it helps.

Best Air Purifiers with Pre filter

  • Honeywell HAC35M1101G Portable Room Air Purifier
  • Philips AC4372/10 Portable Room Air Purifier
  • Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 Portable Room Air Purifier
  • Moonbow AP-A8400UIN Portable Room Air Purifier
  • Philips AC4012/10 Portable Room Air Purifier
  • Atlanta Healthcare Universal 450 Portable Room Air Purifier
  • Honeywell HAC45M1022W Portable Room Air Purifier
  • Kent Eternal Portable Room Air Purifier

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