Cheapest air purifier in India, 2024
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Cheapest air purifier in India, 2024

The story started in the China and it is the best example of frugal innovation. Thomas Talhelm is a Ph.D student in China and was looking to buy a air purifier for his home. The air purifier cost is sky rocketing high and difficult to buy then was looking for a way to build a frugal air purifier. It is frugal DIY air purifier with minimalistic features to purify most common air pollution. You can read more about at Your story, Wall street journal.

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Why Air Purifiers are costly?

Air Purifier heart is its filters and fan which pull air in and push the filtered air out. But as addon there are so many things added making it costly, making it not affordable at all. The components are listed below.

  • HEPA filters to filter dust and mud
  • Fan to circulate air
  • Add on filter: Activated carbon filter to remove bad odors
  • LED indicator
  • Filter change indicator
  • Air Quality indicator
  • Remote controller
  • Box to hold all these things
  • Wheels to move the air purifier
  • Assembling cost

The DIY minimalistic cheapest air purifier

The innovation is to retain only HEPA filter and Fan to circulate and remove all other addons and accessories. The filter can be tied to fan with small strap. That's it. It is DIY - Do it yourself model and you can assemble at home very easily. HEPA filters specifications as per United States Department of Energy are that filter should remove 99.97% of airborne particles of 0.3 micrometers (┬Ám) in diameter. These HEPA filters are best but very costly. The best alternative is to H13 class HEPA filters which are next best and very affordable. H13 class HEPA filters are used in the DIY air purifier.

The Air Purifier 2.0 DIY can be purchased directly from smartAir or Amazon. Its price is around Rs. 3,959.

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