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How auto clean kitchen chimney works

Kitchen chimney is an appliance that makes kitchen clean and free from smoke, but cleaning the chimney is a tedious and time-consuming process. Auto clean basically solves the getting rid of the oil particles from kitchen chimney itself, without human intervention. We hope this article help you to choose right kitchen chimney that suitable for your kitchen needs. In fact, you can use our kitchen chimney selector to know right kitchen chimney suitable according to your kitchen needs.

What is auto clean kitchen chimney

Basically auto clean chimneys facilities zero or least maintenance. in auto clean chimney separate oil collector is provided. Whatever oil particles present cooking fumes are collected in this collector.

Auto cleaning chimney equipped with Aluminum non-stick turbine blower through which cooking fumes passes. Due to centrifugal forces oil particles are forced to move toward blower wall and collected in easy to remove and washable collector/bowls. These detachable oil collector bowels have washed once a month depending on usage. This no extra effort to clean oil collectors. All you need is to press “auto clean” control button while cooking.

Advantages of Auto clean filters

  • It prevents the oil, grease particles negatively affects the suction power of kitchen chimney that subsequently reduce kitchen chimney performance.
  • Aluminum non-stick turbine blower prevents oil clogging, therefore, increases the life time of internal parts.
  • As oil collected in bowls - hence no need to frequently wash the filter.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Reduces filter cleaning effort

You can read our Kitchen chimney buying guide to get the complete picture.

Autoclean chimney Non autoclean chimney
Oil collector Non stick aluminum blower turbine blower suck the oil from kitchen fume and stores oil in oil collector or bowl There is no oil collector or bowl. Oil stuck in filter
Lifespan As oil stores in oil collector, so oil does not stick to internal parts and filters thereby increases life span. Oil stuck, clog in the filters and internal parts and affects the lifespan of chimney body and internal parts.
Maintenance, manual cleaning Once in a month empty the oil collector and lightly wash the filters. Due to oil particles, filters are highly clogged, that’s why, need to wash the filters twice in a month and a lot of effort needed to wash clogged filters.
Suction power Due to oil collectors, very less oil stuck in the filter. So suction power much higher. Due to oil sticks, clogged inside filters, suction power drastically low.
Price Slightly costlier than non-autoclean chimneys Medium
Example Faber Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney (HOOD PRIMUS PLUS ENERGY) Butterfly Rhino Kitchen Chimney

Here, we are presenting a short video on how auto clean chimney works and how they are differ from other chimneys. Kutchina is trending brand in auto clean chimneys and providing third generation advance technology chimneys in India. Here, below the Kutchina's 3rd Generation Autoclean Chimney video. However, video showing that Kutchina auto clean chimney does not have any filter, but it is not with all other auto clean chimneys. Most of auto clean chimneys equipped with cassette or baffle filter.

Best auto clean chimney in India

Based on the kitchen chimney online price, features and advantages here we are providing some of best auto clean chimney models. Here is the list of best auto clean chimney hoods for your reference.

Kutchina Auto Clean Opul Black

It is a filter-less auto clean chimney, means it had a blower and oil collectors. This Kutchina auto clean chimney has 700 m3/hr suction power which quite efficient to catch kitchen fumes. Noise level is very minimal 52 dba for silent kitchen ambiance.

Kutchina auto clean chimney collects oil in 3 easy removable and washable oil collectors. As it has no filter, therefore it makes zero or least maintenance. this kitchen chimney equipped with an auto clean timer, so that you can set time for how long auto clean mechanism should work.

Kutchina auto clean chimney

Kutchina auto clean chimney oil collector

Filter Oil collector filter ( No baffle or cassette filter)
Suction power 700m3/hr
Size Customized size depends on kitchen size
Dimension (LxWxH) 600 x 500 x 140 mm
Technology 3rd generation dry auto-clean technology
Color Black
No. of motors 2
No. oil collectors 3
Noise level 50 dba

Sunflame Innova SS BF Auto Clean Chimney

This Sunflame baffle filter chimney equipped with the auto clean facility as well as baffle filter for efficient cleaning. Suction power 1100 m3/hr is much more for large size kitchen. Feather touch buttons help to operate kitchen chimney effortlessly. Auto shut on/off allows automatic cooking smoke absorption when you cook.

Filter Baffle filter
Suction power 1100 m3/hr
Size 90cm
Size 90cm
Colour Grey
Lamps 2 LED lamps
Controls Feather touch buttons

Sunflame auto clean chimney

Best auto clean kitchen chimney in India

  • Kutchina Auto Clean Opul chimney
  • Hindware Cleo 60 Auto Clean
  • Sunflame 1100 m3/hr Innova Auto clean Chimney
  • Hindware Nevio 60 1200 m3/h Auto Clean Chimney
  • Jazel Metley 60 CM 1100M3/H Glass Chimney
  • Prestige AKH 600 SL Auto Clean Kitchen Hood

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