How to choose the right kitchen chimney size
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How to choose the right kitchen chimney size

Here I am furnishing some of the tips to decide the required size of kitchen chimney that suitable according to your kitchen size, stove, hob size.

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Kitchen chimney size

Most of the kitchen chimneys are available in standard size 60cm and 90cm. Kitchen chimney size depending on the size of the stove, hob and kitchen size. The thumb rule is to choose kitchen chimney size slightly greater than the stove or hob size so that kitchen chimney should cover entire stove or hob so that kitchen chimney absorb smoke effectively. Normally for 2 to 4 burners stove or hob 60cm kitchen chimney size is enough and for 3 to 5 burners kitchen chimney choose 90cm size one.

Stove size Chimney size Example
2 to 4 burners stove 60 cm chimney size Faber 60 cm Hood Everest Kitchen Chimney
3 to 5 burners stove 90 cm chimney size Faber 90 cm Hood Primus Plus Energy Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen chimney size should be the size of stove or larger than the stove but never smaller. When Kitchen chimney size is smaller than stove or hob size then some part of cooking fumes, smoke are escape from kitchen chimney suction power and spread in kitchen. Below Image shows the what is the proper size of kitchen chimney to stove or hob. You can read our Kitchen chimney buying guide to get the more details about kitchen chimney.

kitchen chimney, stove size same
kitchen chimney size larger than stove,hob
wrong kitchen chimney size

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