Kitchen chimney usage precautions
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Kitchen chimney usage precautions

The kitchen chimneys are meant to eliminate the smoke from your kitchen. For better performance and maintenance of your kitchen chimney you need to take few precautions as described below. You can use our kitchen chimney selector to know right kitchen chimney suitable according to your kitchen needs without reading buying guide.
  • Firstly while installing the kitchen chimney, make sure your kitchen chimney and stove or hob has a minimum distance of 25 to the maximum of 30 inches.

  • Kitchen chimneys need an exact voltage of power for better performance. Sometimes 2 phase voltage is not enough for electric appliances so it would be better if you have 3 phase voltage.

  • Make sure your house has a proper earthing before installing the kitchen chimney.

  • If you have duct chimney then maintain a separate duct for the smoke to be exhausted. Never connect the duct to the other smoke exhausting appliances.

  • Never leave your gas burners opened. The filters in the kitchen chimney are mostly flammable and this may burn your chimney.

  • Never leave the frying pans unattended, the oil may catch the fire.

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