How to calculate right kitchen chimney suction power and capacity
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How to calculate right kitchen chimney suction power and capacity

Here I am furnishing some of the tips to know required chimney suction power and it's calculation method. We hope it will help to choose right kitchen chimney.

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Factors that affect affects suction power

  • Ducting size, length and diameter
  • Number of bends in ducting
  • Cooking habits

Ducting size varies home to home depending on the kitchen infrastructure. Long size ducting requires more effort to suck out smoke air, therefore, more suction power is needed. Small diameter ducting becomes an obstacle to throw out smoke. It advisable to always go for the small length ducting with large size diameter.

The number of bending in ducting pipe makes more time to throw out smoked air. therefore always avoid the number of bends in ducting installation. Chimney suction power for the non-vegetarian kitchen is more than the vegetarian kitchen. Non-vegetarian food makes more smoke, odor compare to vegetarian food. To throw out more smoke, odor requires more suction power.

Chimney suction power calculation

The more spacious kitchen you have required more chimney suction power. The thumb rule is kitchen chimney have to fill kitchen ten times in an hour. Therefore to know required chimney suction power, we have to calculate kitchen volume and multiply kitchen volume with ten because kitchen chimney has to fill the kitchen with fresh air ten times in an hour. To calculate kitchen volume, know the measurements length, width and height of your kitchen, multiple with each other. At the end multiple the resulted volume with ten, you get required chimney suction power for your kitchen.

chimney suction power

For an instant, Kitchen size: 4m x 4m x 2.5m = 40m³ is your kitchen volume. Fresh air equivalent to kitchen volume have to replaced 10 times in an hour therefore 10 x 40m³ = 400m³/h. So your kitchen requires minimum 400m³/h suction power chimney.

Chimney suction power calculator

Tips to improve chimney suction power

  • Higher the chimney suction power better is the chimney.
  • Kitchen chimney with wide hose ( wide filter area) has effective suction power.
  • Baffle filter is advisable than cassette filter for better chimney suction power improvement. Oil, grease stuck on baffle filter does not affect the chimney suction power.
  • Regular cleaning advisable for required suction power to catch smoke, odor, oil quickly.
  • Faber 60 cm 1500 m³/hr Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney (HOOD PRIMUS PLUS ENERGY HC SC BK 60) is one of the best high suction power of 1500m³/h.

Disadvantages of high suction power chimney

  • Makes lots of noise. Solution to this problem is go for the split kitchen chimney in which suction motor is mounted outside of the home makes a drastic reduction in noise.
  • More power consumption.

You can read our Kitchen chimney buying guide to get the more details about kitchen chimney.

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