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Chimney versus exhaust fan, which one is better?

The exhaust fan is meant to vent the smoke and bad odor from the kitchen but not oil and the grease particles. These grease and oil particles stick to your stove surrounding like on the tiles, cupboards, false ceiling and make the kitchen sticky and greasy. Whereas the kitchen chimney is equipped with powerful suction motor and filters which are highly capable of sucking out all the smoke, oil and greasy particles out of the kitchen. You can use our kitchen chimney selector to know right kitchen chimney suitable according to your kitchen needs without reading buying guide.

How does exhaust fan work in the kitchen?

Exhaust fan, the smoke and bad odor present in the air is vented out from the kitchen. Thereby, it allows fresh air to enter the kitchen from any window or door.

How does kitchen chimney work?

Kitchen chimneys are equipped with suction motors and filters. On turning the chimney on, the smoke and the oil particles are sucked, passes through the filters. Such that, the grease particles stucks in the filters and the smoke is thrown out throw the vent.

Kitchen chimney vs exhaust fan

Kitchen Chimney Exhaust Fan
Expelled out smoke, bad odor and grease particles present in the kitchen Expelled out only smoke and bad odor present in the air
Chimney reduces kitchen cleaning efforts Kitchen needs to be cleaned frequently
Kitchen chimneys are expensive. An effective model prices range starts from 10,000 rupees in India Exhaust fans are low budget. Price range starts from 1000 rupees in India
Consumes more electricity, approximately 230 watts Consumes less electricity, approximately 65 watts

Which one is the best?

No doubt, kitchen chimney is the best choice than the exhaust fan. However, chimney is expensive but it reduces the kitchen cleaning effort and keeps the kitchen smoke and grease free.

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