Different types of chimneys
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Different types of Chimneys

Electric Kitchen Chimneys are classified depending on the how they are installed, how ducting is provided to those chimney. You can read our Kitchen chimney buying guide to get the more details about kitchen chimney.

Types of Electric Kitchen Chimneys

Depending on the how the chimney is mounted, Chimneys are classified into 3 types, as follow.

  • Wall Mounted Chimneys
  • Island Chimneys
  • Built-in Chimneys

Wall Mounted Chimneys

Wall-mounted chimney

  • Chimney is fitted against the wall.
  • Designed for the traditional kitchens where stove located near the wall.
  • Best suitable chimney for Indian kitchens.
  • less or no ducting/pipes requires for exhaust smoke.

Best Wall Mounted Chimney under Rs.10,000

Elica Aqua Plus LTW 60 is one of the best wall mounted chimney. Stainless steel body, m3/hr 760 suction, stainless steel baffle filter, 60 cm size, lifetime Warranty, price approximately Rs.8,000.

Island Chimneys

Island Chimney

  • Chimney is mounted far from wall, in the middle of kitchen
  • Designed for modern kitchens where stove / hob located in middle of kitchen
  • Lots of ducting / pipes required to exhaust smoke out.
  • Highly expensive

Best Island Chimney under Rs.30,000

  • 'Glen 90 cm 1250 m3/hr GL 1000 Island SS Chimney' is one of very good Island chimney.
  • 1000 m3/hr Suction Capacity, 90cm size, 3-speed settings, stainless steel body
  • glass finish, aluminum Cassette Filter
  • dishwasher safe filter, optional Carbon Filter, timer function

Wall Mounted Chimneys Island Chimneys
Where to mount Adjacent to kitchen wall In center of kitchen
Stove position Adjacent to kitchen wall In center of kitchen
Exhaust ducting/pipes Very less ducting/piping for exhaust smoke Lot of ducting
Cost Inexpensive Expensive

Built-in Chimneys

Built-in Chimney

  • Chimney is direly fitted below the wall unit so that chimneys extra parts can't be seen.
  • Extra wood work have to done for these type of chimneys.
  • Designed for modern kitchens and people who are looking for compacters in chimneys and to prevent chimney from kitchen interior decoration.
  • Highly expensive

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