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Everything about Sunflame Chimney

We are providing Sunflame chimney features, models, types and Sunflame chimney online price. We hope It will help you to choose right kitchen chimney. In fact, you can use our kitchen chimney selector to choose right kitchen chimney that suitable to your kitchen design and size.

Sunflame chimney types

Most of the Sunflame chimney are baffle filter chimneys. As baffle filter uses cut and chop technology using multiple curves panel through which smoke is pushed to flow and turned in multiple directions. During this process smoke, oil particles are dragged down in baffle filter panel. Sunflame provides only Wall mounted kitchen chimneys. Wall mounted kitchen chimneys are fitted against the wall where stove or hob is placed.

Sunflame chimney models

Sunflame manufacturing only two types of kitchen chimneys

  • Designer Chimneys
  • Straight line chimneys

Sunflame providing more than 25 model of designer chimneys. Some of model such as Focus, Ola, Solaris, Solaris GL are in quiet elegant design made for both performance and style. Remaining approximately 20 models in Sunflame chimneys are hood type model made of stainless steel. Sunflame provides online 5 model of straight line chimneys. Royal Auto Clean auto clean chimney provides hassle free maintenance. You can read our Kitchen chimney buying guide to get the more details about kitchen chimney.

Best Sunflame chimney

sunflame chimney Innova

Sunflame Innova Chimney

  • Wall mounted design
  • Baffle Filter
  • Suction power 1100 m3/hr
  • 60cm size(width)
  • Size (Width) 60 cm
  • Stainless Steel finish
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

Sunflame innova chimney renowned for high quality, decor as well as performance in the budget. Sunflame Innova chimney available in standard size 60cm and 90cm. Sunflame Innova 60cm chimney cost approximately Rs.13,000 whereas Sunflame Innova 90cm chimney cost approximately Rs.17,000.

sunflame chimney slim

Sunflame Slim BK CF Chimney

  • Wall mounted Straight Line design
  • Aluminum Cassette filters
  • Size Width 60 cm
  • Warranty Period 1 year

Sunflame Slim BK CF Chimney is one of the cheap and best kitchen chimney that available online. It cost approximately Rs.5000 including installation charges. Only the drawback of this chimney is cassette filter that makes little extra cleaning effort. Please read complete information about cassette filter in our article different types of chimney filters. Suction power 500 m3/hr is enough for small size kitchen. Sunflame Slim BK CF Chimney is best suitable for small size kitchen within a small budget.

sunflame chimney venza

Sunflame Venza SS BF Chimney

  • Wall mounted design
  • Baffle Filters
  • 1100 m3/hr suction power
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • 60 cm size (Width)
  • Oil Collector
  • Manufacturer Warranty Period 1 year

Sunflame venza ss chimney has strong suction capacity 1100m3/hr is sufficed for any large size kitchen. Due to high suction power and baffle filter it easily and efficiently captures evaporated smoke and oil particles. Kitchen chimney body made of stainless steel that prevent the stains and dirt to form on chimney body. Baffle filter easily can be removed and cleaned minimize the maintenance. A pair of inbuilt halogens provides lighting over the stove, hob. Sunflame Venza SS BF Chimney price approximately Rs.9000.

Sunflame chimney irish

Sunflame Irish BK BF Chimney

  • Wall mounted design
  • Baffle Filters
  • 1200 m3/hr suction power
  • Suction power 1100 m3/hr
  • 60 cm size (Width)
  • Auto Clean
  • Two Halogen Lighting

The Sunflame Irish BK BF Chimney Has 1100m3/hr strong suction power to quickly absorb smoke. Chimney has black and glass finish to prevent dirt easily. Baffle filter provides efficient absorption power to the suction motor.

Sunflame chimney online

Many Sunflame chimney models are available online with doorstep installation facilities that to free of cost. E-commerce sites provides various Sunflame chimney online. Please check our articles about other chimney brands Elica, Faber.

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