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Kitchen chimney hood is a device used for extract oil, smoke, grease while cooking and exhaust out. Now a days many types of chimneys are available with various features. You can read our Kitchen chimney buying guide to get the more details about kitchen chimney.

Why my Chimney makes terrible noise?

While purchasing electric chimney most of people concentrate on motor pump suction power. But noise made by chimney relatively depend on suction power. As you are looking for high suction power, as that much you have to face irritation, frustration made by Chimney noise while cooking.

How to reduce noise made by Electric Kitchen Chimney?

One effortless solution to avoid chimney noise is, switch on chimney 5 minutes before cooking. So that chimney can absorb bad odour, smoke from your kitchen, So that you can switch off chimney while cooking.

  • To reduce noise make ensure that ducting has least number of bends from chimney to outside wall hole.

  • Even some manufacturers providing noise free chimney. In these type of chimneys noise sources i.e. motor pump is separated from chimney. Motor pump mounted outside of kitchen, but this type of chimneys are few in market. Few number of manufactures providing this type of chimneys, Elica's noise free chimney is quite famous

  • Go for the 3 way suction chimney, is to cover the leftover smoke by providing multiple suction inlets on the chimney hood in different angles such that the fumes on different directions can be sucked properly. 3 way suction chimney has lesser pressure inside the hood as there are multiple inlets for the motor. Such that the noise gets lower. However, 3 ways chimneys are made for increase suction power, not to reduce noise.

  • EDS(Elica Deep Silence) chimney reduces 30% noise as well as gives 25% more suction power.

Best noise free Chimneys in India

As we are recently adopt the electric chimneys, in India few number of noise free chimneys are available and very expensive. Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology (SPOT H4 TRIM EDS HE LTW 60 NERO T4V) one of the very good noise free chimney, it has stainless steel and glass finish, 3D filter, ducting/recycling version, 1010 m3/hr suction power, 60cm size, life time warranty.

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