UV water purifier advantages and disadvantages
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Advantages and disadvantages of UV water purifier

UV water purifier is cost effective and it doesn't use any chemicals but UV water purifier requires electricty, it doesn't have storage tank and not effective if water contains mudd.

UV water purifier uses ultraviolet rays. It has ultraviolet rays producing tube through which water passes. When water exposed to ultraviolet rays, any borne viruses, bacteria, molds and pathogenic disease-causing microorganisms present in water are deactivated. v radiation so effective that it can eliminate 99% of germs. Try our water purifier selector to choose right water purifier by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Advantages of UV water purifier

  • Cost effective, inexpensive. UV rays source bulb uses approximately 60 watts of power which quite equivalent to normally used a light bulb.

  • Does not uses any chemicals. Therefore, water taste and colour unaltered.

  • Gives instantly purified water. Just you have to switch on electricity supply and get purified water instantly, whereas other water purifiers take much more time to purify.

  • For example Kent ultra UV is one of the best UV water purifier.

Disadvantages of UV water purifier

  • Not removes dissolved impurities: UV water purifier kill bacteria and viruses but does not remove dissolved impurities such as pesticides, rust, arsenic, fluoride etc. Does not convert hard water to sweet, soft water.

  • No water storage tank: Most of the UV water purifiers don’t have water storage tank. The user has filled water in the external bottle.

  • Requires electricity: UV water purifier requires electricity to run. If in your area has frequent electricity cut off and water purifier don’t have storage tank then you don’t have any source for purified water until electricity came.

  • Not effective on muddy water :UV water purifier is not effective when water contains muddy. In case muddy water, first water passes through any other purifier system then pass through the UV water purifier.

  • UV light shutoff: As UV light is invisible, it’s very hard to know whether UV purifier is working or not. If UV purifier stops working and user unable to find out, results UV water purifier delivers impure water. That’s why most of the experts suggest replacing UV water purifier tube should have to replace once a year.

  • UV rays does not remain in water once water is purified. In the case of UV rays miss any microorganism while purifying, that remaining microorganisms increase their population and impure the water. It is advisable to use chlorination after water purified through the UV.

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