How does the gravity based water purifier work?
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How does the gravity based water purifier work?

Gravity based water purifiers do not use electricity instead of that, it uses activated carbon or UF. Activated carbon made from small size carbon granules that absorb impurities that present in water. UF contain a bunch of hollow fibers of the membrane. While water passes through these hollow fibers impurities stick to it.

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This basically means water is filtered through normal gravity process, from the higher point to a lower point, without the help of any external force and biggest advantage is gravity based water purifiers woks without electricity. The water flows from the top compartment to the bottom compartment, naturally. Usually for filtering, they depend upon micro fiber mesh, activated carbon filtering and some kind of polisher which removes residual chemicals.

Fiber mesh is basically, kind of a cloth which removes visible dirt and other particles. Activated Carbon Module (basically this is like charcoal water filtering that our fore fathers used to do) removes any other dirt, parasites and pesticide impurities. Then the polisher modules removes any chlorine or other undissolved chemicals.

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Apart from just these modules, some gravity based water purifiers come with UF technology as well. This has basically another filtration process using UF Membrane. UF Membrane has pores of 0.1 microns which is small enough to filter out bacteria and as well as other micro-organisms like cysts. We definitely recommend getting UF based machine if you are going for gravity based water purifier.

Overall, the water from Gravity based filters are better than boiled water and safer than chemically purified water. This is the right purifier for municipality or corporation water, which is already chemically purified, and since this water comes from running water - it does not have many harmful impurities like arsenic etc.

Prestige Tattva water purifier is one of the best gravity based water purifier currently available in the market now. Tattva 2.0 water purifier comes with copper container is beneficial to health. Tattva water purifiers contain FACT filter is absorbed dirt, bacteria particles. "HUL Pureit WPWL100 Classic" is another best gravity based water purifier, powered with activated carbon filter. "KENT Gold 20-liters UF Technology" is best UF technology based gravity water purifier currently available in the market.

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