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RO vs UV

In RO water purifier pushes the water through the semi permeable RO membrane using pressure of water. DUring this process impurities and dissolved solids leave behind the RO membrane. RO water purifier effective to convert hard water which contain high level of TDS to sweet, soft water. But RO not much effective on microorganisms which cause water borne diseases.

UV water purifier uses UV rays. Water passes through the UV light source tube and due UV rays action germs and microorganisms present in water are deactivated. UV is much more effective on contaminants such as bacteria and viruses but not that much effective to remove TDS.

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Difference between RO and UV
Suitable for
Under ground water
Suitable for
Lake, river, municipal supply water
RO water purifier blocks and removes bacteria and viruses from purified water. Flush out microorganisms bodies. UV water purifier kills bacteria and viruses bodies from purified water but microorganisms bodies remained in purified water only.
RO water purifier produces lot of waste water. UV does not produce any waste water. Zero percent waste water
RO water purifier removes dissolved solids and TDS. UV water purifier does not remove dissolved solids
RO water purifier takes much more time to purify water UV water purifier makes much less time to purify water
RO water purifier alter water taste UV water purifier does not alter water taste
Most of the RO water purifiers have storage tank Most of the UV water purifiers don’t have storage tank
RO water purifier can cost double as much to a UV water purifier. UV water purifier is inexpensive
RO water purifier requires pre-filtration such as sediment filter to work with dirty, muddy water UV water purifier also requires sediment filter.
RO water purifier requires electricity to work UV water purifier also requires electricity to work

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