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What is Undersink Water Purifier? How it works?

In India, wall mounted or table mount water purifier are known from long time because of their feasibility to mount in the traditional Indian kitchen. On the other side, we are adopting foreign kitchen styles with inbuilt drawers, cabinets. These are occupying a lot of space in a kitchen, in addition, water purifier on tabletop or table makes kitchen too congested. To overcome these minimal space problems Indian water purifier companies manufacturing advanced “Under Sink Water Purifiers”.

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Under Sink Water Purifiers installed under-the-counter (under-the-sink) or beneath the kitchen sink, thereby saving expensive kitchen space. The installation place makes it unique from other water purifier models. Under Sink Water Purifier is also suitable for connecting with refrigerator with water dispenser tap.

Advantages of Undersink water purifier

High Speed Purified Water

In traditional wall mounted water purifier the purified water from storage tank flows by gravity and water output rate is very low. It almost takes one minute to fill a bottle.

Whereas with an Undersink water purifier, purified water stored in hydrostatic air pressure bladder tank. This tank maintains optimal pressure to give high flow purified water. It's almost 10 to 15 seconds to fill a bottle.

No spill water on floor

The biggest advantage is you no need to bother about spill water on floor because Undersink water purifier integrated with convenient, high curved tap is fitted on the sink next to main tap, faucet. To fill water, place bottle on the sink and open tap, faucet.

Whereas with wall mount water purifier You need to hold the bottle while filling and need to be careful to water not to spill on the kitchen floor by overfilled water in bottles.

Keeps kitchen style as it is

The Undersink water purifier is hidden from visibility. It Installed under the sink which is covered by the sink door. The only the thing that is shown outside is tap, faucet. This type of water purifiers does not disturb your kitchen style or ambience.

Why undersink water purifier?, Why not wall mount water purifier?

Features Wallmount Water Purifier Undersink Water Purifier
Installation place On kitchen wall or tabletop Under or beneath sink
Occuping space Yes, It shown outside, occupies lot off space No, It hidden under sink, occupie no space
Purifing Speed Almost both are same Almost both are same
Purified water delivery speed
(when storage tank filled)
One liter water comes out in one minute
One liter water comes out within 15 seconds

How Under Sink water purifier works

Under Sink water purifiers works as it is wall mount water purifiers works. These water purifiers differ in how they installed, where it install and how they look, but their internal working mechanism is absolutely same. Under sink water purifiers powered by RO, UV, UF, Activated carbon and Sediment filter technologies which are also used in traditional wall mount purifiers.

Reverse Osmosis
During Reverse Osmosis (RO) unpurified water passed from semi-permeable membrane by applying pressure on water. During this process chemical, heavy metal particles trapped/stuck in RO membrane, as result gets purified soft water.The only the disadvantage of RO water purifier is it may removes essential minerals like calcium, in your drinking water.

UV or Ultraviolate
In UV purification water passed through the UV light. Due to UV light contaminates, water borne disease causing bacteria, viruses are deactivated. Even though UV kills bacteria and viruses, but their dead bodies still remained in the water, it can be consider as one of disadvantage of UV

UF or Ultrafiltration
It uses hollow fibers. When water feed water passes through the these hollow fibers catches, traps suspended solids and most important, it traps water borne diseases causing bacteria and viruses. This long lasting water purifier works without electricity even can purify muddy water.

Activated carbon
It removes dangerous chemical like pesticides present in water and other chemical which makes bad odor. Activated carbon extreme made of porous material traps, catches the disease causing chemicals and bacteria, viruses. Activated carbon has capable to catch chlorine present in municipal supply water and makes water tastes better.

Sediment filter
A sediment filter removes mud, sand particles, small pieces of organic matter, clay particles or any small particles. Sediment filter does not remove any chemicals or heavy metal particles.

Things need to check before purchasing Under Sink water purifier

  1. Undersink water purifiers dispense water though the external tap, faucet. Before purchasing an Undersink water purifier, make ensure that tap, faucet set provided with water purifier or not? If not tap, faucet not provided, customer have to purchase separately.

  2. To fix tap, faucet on the kitchen top, have to drill a hole on that (wherever you want the top to be fixed). Make sure that the drill, tap, faucet hole is provided in the installation process or not else you have to look for alternate to make a hole for tap, faucet.

  3. Needs running water tap beneath/under the sink. If you don’t have, not a big issue because plumber can easily arrange a tap under the sink by make connecting pipe from sink main tap.

  4. undersink water purifier installation

  5. Needs wastage water drain because RO water purifiers release some amount wastage water during purification. Technician connects this wastage water outlet to kitchen drain pipe. Plumber can easily makes drain pipe for water purifier by connecting the sink drain.

  6. Needs electricity wall socket underneath sink for power supply to water purifier.

  7. Make sure that beneath the sink must be dry. Avoid the any dirt, water leakage from the sink which just above it. Make sure that sink underneath properly painted to maintain hygienic.

How to install Undersink Water Purifier

Undersink water purifier manufacturers take complete responsibility to install water purifier in user home, so user no need to worry about installation. But it's good to know how to install it before you purchase so that you can aware about a water purifier that you are going to buy. Here I am presenting a small video about the installation. As Undersink water purifiers are very new to India, there is not much information available on YouTube. Below video installation process is made in the United States of America. It's almost same as India, the only the difference is pipelines are differing in India from United States of America.

Best Undersink Water Purifiers

KENT Excell+ Under-The-Counter / Kitchen Sink Water Purifier

KENT Excell+ Under-The-Counter / Kitchen Sink Water Purifier


KENT Sterling Under-The-Counter Advanced Water Purifier

KENT Sterling Under-The-Counter Advanced Water Purifier


Zero-B Kitchenmate under sink RO Water Purifier

Zero-B Kitchenmate under sink RO Water Purifier


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