How to make alkaline water at home
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How to make alkaline water at home

Alkaline water is hydrogen-rich water with a pH value of above 7. Generally, basic drinking water’s pH value should range from 6 to 8.5. In other words, the pH measure shows the amount of hydrogen present in the water. pH level has a range of 0-14, where the pH value below 7 is considered to be acidic water and pH value above 7 is alkaline water. Whereas water with a pH value equal to 7 is neutral or clear water. To know detailed knowledge of what is alkaline water and its advantages read our article what is alkaline water?

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There are a few different ways of converting tap water into the alkaline water like – electrolysis process is the most effective process, where the ionizer separates the oxygen and hydrogen ions such that increasing the pH value of water. There are many models of alkaline water purifiers available in the market. These purifiers are meant to purify and convert tap water into alkaline water by using the electrolysis process.

Another technique is reverse osmosis purification and there are also many other natural ways of converting the normal water to alkaline water. Reverse osmosis and natural methods produce clean and toxin-free water but cannot be as pure alkaline water as the electrolysis process produces. Before converting the tap water into alkaline water make sure you know the pH value of the tap water.

Natural ways of converting normal water  into alkaline water:

Natural Alkaline water

1. Adding baking powder:

Baking powder has high alkaline property, the pH value of baking powder is 8.1. Adding baking powder to normal water will increase the alkaline property and produces alkaline water. 

Adding 1/8 teaspoon of baking water to 250ml of water is good enough to increase the alkaline value of normal tap water. Consuming of baking soda in more amount can be dangerous. Generally, baking soda may make you sick.

2. Adding lemon  and cucumber:

Adding 2 slices of lemon and 3 slices of cucumber to 1 liter of filtered or bottled water. However, Lemon and cucumber are acidic in nature. The pH value of lemon is 2 whereas the pH value of cucumber is 5. When this is mixed with water, the water becomes acidic but when consumed and absorbed by the body it becomes alkaline.

The filtered water along with lemon and cucumber slices is actually known as detox water. This helps to reduce your body fat.


3. Adding pH drops:

Before adding pH drops to your tap water make sure you must know your tap water pH value. To know the pH value you can use pH strips. The color-changing of the strip will give you the exact pH value of your tap water. So that you can add required pH drops to the water. pH drops are available online or at any drug store. 

There are different other ways of making alkaline water but the water you get may or may not be pure alkaline water. And also drinking too much alkaline water produced by natural ways may affect your health. This water will surely reduce your weight but may harm your body.


4. Electrolysis Process:

Now let’s discuss the technical way of getting alkaline water. As discussed above in the article, the electrolysis process produces pure alkaline water and for this ionizers are used.  

In the electrolysis process, the water is passed through electricity and the oxygen ions are been separated from the hydrogen ions. Such that the alkaline water stream is separated from the acidic water stream. The alkaline water purifiers are enhanced with an ionizer to change the pH value of the water. After the last stage of water purification now the purified water is passed through ionizer where all this electrolysis process is done.    

There are other different techniques for alkaline water. Basically, the drinking water should have a pH value ranging from 6 to 8.5. Probably the tap water can be considered as ideal drinking water. But the pipes through which your tap water passes may make your water acidic by its mineral toxins and rust particles. 

5. Pitchers

This is another method of making alkaline water without any using electricity and other added minerals. Based on this technique there are many different types of water pitchers available. Generally, these pitchers are built with a multi-layer charcoal layer along with other filters.

Below is a shortlist of alkaline water filter pitchers available in India.

  1. Kent alkaline water filter pitcher
  2. Hi-tech alkaline jug
  3. Brita slim water filter pitcher
  4. Watamate puro alkaline water pitcher

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