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What type of Water purifier suitable for borewell water

Most of the Indian families today depend on well or borewell water due to limited or no water supply from river or lakes which is naturally healthy too. In most of the cities, we have completely depended on borewell water. Definitely borewell water is naturally suitable for daily need and drinking, the only concern is it's hardness and contamination level. So what purifier we should use for borewell water?
Many people from Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad asked us what type of water filter to use for borewell or boring water. Here is the detailed explanation. Bore Water can contain following impurities
  • Hardness of water
  • Heavy metals like Fluoride, Arsenic, Lead
  • Microorganisms, bacteria, viruses
Let's first discuss about the hardness

How to deal with hardness of borewell water?

What is exactly hard water? If the water contains calcium and magnesium it increases the hardness of the water and it is known as hard water. Generally hard water tastes little sour. You can measure the hardness of water with the help of TDS mater. Technically TDS with value more than 200 mg/L is know as hard water. Hard water is not a health hazard. Shocked! Yes, The World Health Organization says there is no conclusive evidence that shows hard water is bad for health. In fact, the United States National Research Council has found that hard water can actually serve as a dietary supplement for calcium and magnesium. So you can safely use hard water for drinking.

So do we need water purifier for hard water?

Water purifier is optional and not a necessary. Because the hard water is not a health hazard. If you drink hard water it tastes sour. Using Reverse Osmosis(RO) water purifier improves the taste, color, odor and aesthetics of water. That's it. Please see only RO water purifier only can eliminate the hardness of water.

How to purify the borewell water for house hold use?

Hard water affects laundry washing quality, bathing, cleaning. Your clothes can get stains, floor can have marks, skin becomes itchy, hair becomes rough. You can see the white marks, scaling on the utensils. Hard water even damages the geysers, washing machines internal parts. But you cannot use water purifier for home use as it will be expensive and energy draining task. As an alternative you can use use water softener. You can install it at your water tank or besides Geyser, washing machine.

  • Hard water is safe to drink. Use RO purifier only to improve the taste, aesthetics of water.
  • If water testing lab confirms the presence of heavy metals, then go for RO or RO + UV water purifier.
  • Else go for simple gravity based water purifiers.
  • If money is not the concern, you can never go wrong with RO + UV.
  • For example Pureit Ultima is one of the best RO + UV water purifier.

How to deal with heavy metals in borewell water?

Heavy metals like Fluoride, Arsenic, Lead are very dangerous for health. Unfortunately the only way to know the presence of heavy metals in the water through the laboratory testing. Type of water filter selection depends on the water laboratory test results. To know the nearest water testing lab search in Google or Just dial with keywords like "Water testing lab in city-name". Example links Delhi labs, Hyderabad labs

  • If the water laboratory test verifies your borewell water has Fluoride, Arsenic, Lead traces then the only solution is to go with RO water purifier. RO membranes only have the ability to eliminate metals from the water. Usually all RO purifiers come with Activated carbon or UF filters to protect from bacteria as well. But if the lab tests show more number of bacteria and viruses as well then you can go for RO + UV water purifiers. UV kills all the bacteria and viruses in the water. Please refer list of best RO + UV water purifiers.

  • If the water laboratory test verifies no hard metals then you can safely go for gravity based water purifiers(cartridge filter, sediment filters, activated carbon, UF) to protect from bacteria and viruses. Please refer list of best gravity water purifiers.

  • Going to lab for testing can be cumbersome, in that case you can go with RO + UV water purifier if you are willing to spend more money.

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