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Water purifier for chlorine, Which water purifier remove chlorine from water?

Chlorine has been used as disinfect the water by killing the waterborne diseases causing germs such bacteria, viruses. But excessive chlorine, which remains after disinfecting the water consumed by human makes adverse health effects like breathing, eye infections, liver and kidney problems. Here we presenting the type of water purifier should be to purify chlorine water.

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How to remove Chlorine from water

Activated Carbon water purifier is most effective to remove chlorine from water. Activated Carbon is form of carbon is made from different material such as coal, wood, nut shells. Activated Carbon most effective to remove dissolved chemicals, heavy metal particles present in water. Activated Carbon improves the taste and smell of water. Best thing is it does not uses any chemicals for purification.

how activated carbon remove chlorine

Chlorine adsorb (different from the absorb), removes the chlorine without leaving any negative effect. When water passes through the activated carbon, chlorine present in water, sticks on activated carbon’s large surface area.

In most of water purifiers such as RO, UV uses Activated Carbon filter as pre and post filter.

Activated Carbon plus Reverse Osmosis(RO)

In combination of Activated Carbon plus Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier, in the first stage waterpasses through the pre-filter, Activated Carbon, removes chlorine, in next stage water passes through the RO water purifier. RO removes the dissolved solids such as fluoride, arsenic and lead makes water soft and sweet.

Activated Carbon plus Ultraviolet(UV)

As it is previous case, pre-filter, Activated Carbon removes chlorine after that water passes through the UV water purifier. UV water purifier kills waterborne disease causing bacteria and viruses.

Many manufacturers use Activated Carbon as pre-filter as well as post-filter along with RO or UV water purifier. Using Activated Carbon as a post filter removes any remaining contaminates present in water in the end stage.

Activated Carbon has limited adsorption power, therefore activated carbon have to replace twice or thrice in a year depending on usage, chlorine level in the water.

Chlorine health effects

Most of the municipal water suppliers use chlorine to kill, inactivate waterborne diseases causing germs, pathogens. However, remaining chlorine after water purification is hazardous to human health. Chlorine causing water tastes bad and odour. Showering with chlorinated water makes our skin and hair damage. According to Council of Environment, U.S., the cancer, breast cancer risk to people who drink chlorine contained water is 93 percent more than who won’t drink chlorine contained water. Chlorinated water extravagant the effect of asthma and other allergiest too.

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