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PureIt Classic Vs Kent Gold

Many people have asked us which one is better HUL Pureit Classic 14-Litre Water Purifier or Kent Gold Gravity Based Water Purifier? What are the pros and cons, which purifier we should buy? Here is the quick analysis. Use our water purifier selector to choose right water purifier by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.

Both Pureit Classic 14-Litre Water Purifier and Kent Gold Gravity Based Water Purifier looks very similar in functionality, gravity based filters. Both the filters do not require electricity, can easily remove any bacteria and virus in the water. Both the filters cannot remove hardness or contamination like Florida and Arsenic. There are few differences in cost, purification technologies, most importantly the maintenance.

Compare Pureit and Kent

Features PureIt Classic Kent Gold
Look & Style pureit classic
Elegant styled with glass shine body
kent gold
Old styled with non-glass shine body
Purification Technology Activated Carbon
Germkill Processor
SS Mesh
Partial Activated Carbon
Product Cost 2,700 Rs for 23 Liters 2,300 Rs for 22 Liters
Maintenance Cost High maintenance cost Very Less maintenance cost
Manual Cleaning Once a month Once a week, if need twice in a week

Purification technology

In Pureit water first gets purified with activated carbon filter and sediment filter. They removes the organic chemicals, visible dust, any impurities. Germ kill processor kills the bacteria and virus. Finally the polisher removes any taste or bad odor. Main purification is driven by Active Carbon.
In the Kent Gold Active carbon is used in the first stage. But it is used in minimal manner. The amount of active carbon is very less. The main purification is done by UF filters . At the end both the purifiers water looks clean and safe to drink.

Pureit Cost Vs Kent

Pureit Classic 23 Liter Gravity Based Water Purifier cost approximately Rs.2700. Kent Gold Star 22 Liter UF Water Purifier approximately Rs.2300. If you see the cost is very close but after every 1250 liters of water purification you need to buy a refill - HUL Pureit GBDS100 Germ Kill Kit Cartridge which once again cost you 500 Rs. That too it is under ideal conditions and if the water is muddy then the capacity may decrease. The cartridge lasts around 2-3 months for a small family. For Kent Gold it is not the case. At most you need to replace the UF filter once in a year. That's it. So if you are looking for long term then Kent Gold is cheaper.


In this aspect PureIt rocks. Pureit germ kit, other filters needs to replaces after 2-3 months. But Kent Gold you need to clean UF filter after every week. If the water is muddy then after 2-3 days. Cleaning will take only 5 minuets but the water purification stops till you clean. So you won't have drinking water during that time. Initially it looks fine but after some time it looks suffocating.

Pureit Classic Working

Kent Gold Working


If the price is main criteria then go for Kent Gold. If you are looking for convenience as you do not want to clean the filters weekly then go for Pureit classic. As both the filters needs cleaning with different frequency, one of the best advise we give is to use both!!! What, yes. Because during maintenance there is break in the filtration. At that time you can use other water purifier. Example: Kent gold waiting for cleaning then use Pureit at that time. If Pureit cartridge needs to replaced then at that you can use Kent Gold.

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