Pureit Copper+RO VS Kent Supreme VS Pureit Vital Max. Which one is the best water purifier to buy?
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Pureit Copper+RO VS Kent Supreme VS Pureit Vital Max. Which one is the best water purifier to buy?

Here, we compare the top most selling water purifiers Pureit Copper+RO and Kent Supreme with the newly launched Pureit Vital Max. Honestly, Pureit and Kent have both been trusted and reputed brands in India for a long time. Both brands and their purifier models use the same purification technologies like RO and UV. However, there are major differences between their technical feature implementation. Let's have a quick look at these water purifiers pros and cons.

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Before going further, you have to know what are purification technologies are and what's the use of it. Below, I am summarising the things in a compact manner.

  • RO - Reverse Osmosis
  • RO is membrane-based technology, used to convert hard water to soft water.

  • UV - Ultraviolet
  • UV uses radiation light to kill microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and cyst

  • UF - Ultra Filtration
  • UF contains a hollow fiber threaded membrane. It removes suspended solids, and large particles from water through a hollow membrane

  • MF - Micro Filtration
  • MF is membrane-based technology used to remove bacteria from water.

  • MP - Membrane Protector.
  • Protecting RO membrane from hard salt scale buildup. It also prevents the crystalization of salts in a UV light chamber.

  • TDS - Total Dissolved Solids
  • Minerals, salts, or dissolved metals such as calcium, chloride, nitrate, iron, sulfur, and some organic matter that is dissolved in water.

Pureit Copper+RO+UV+MF water purifier

Pureit copper+ro water purifier

Pureit Copper+RO+UV+MF water purifier powered with Copper Charge Technology along with RO, UV, and MF. Copper Charge Technology infuses the right amount of 99.8% of pure copper in every glass of water. Drinking copper-infused water enhances immunity and overall family health. Its 7 stages RO+UV+MF purification process gives complete trust in 100 % purified water. Overall, this makes Pureit Copper water purifier the best water purifier for household use.

It has 8 liters storage tank and is capable to deliver 24 liters per day. Dual Water Dispensing system gives you choice between normal RO water or copper-charged RO water. Water can't dispense during a power cut, this can be overcome by attaching an additional manual tap at installation time at extra cost. Its advanced sensor lights indicate 15 days before the GermKill kit gets over. In that duration, you are to book a new GermKill kit via the Pureit website or Whatsapp chat, or phone call. Else, after 15 days water purifier automatically stops dispensing water so that it avoids dispensing contaminated water. At last, the price of this water purifier is a little high. It cost approximately Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 23,000.

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Pureit Copper+RO Kent Supreme Pureit Vital Max
Look & Style pureit copper+ro water purifier kent supreme water purifier pureit vital Max water purifier
Purification Technology RO + UV + MF RO + UV + UF RO + UV + MP
No. of purification stages 7 stages 5 stages 7 stages
Purification stages
  • 1. Pre-Sediment
  • 2. Pre-RO carbon
  • 3. Mesh filter
  • 4. RO membrane
  • 5. UV Chamber
  • 6. Post RO Carbon
  • 7. MF membrane
  • 1. Pre-Sediment
  • 2. Activated Carbon
  • 3. RO membrane
  • 4. UF membrane
  • 5. UV in tank
  • 1. Pre-Sediment
  • 2. Pre-RO carbon
  • 3. Mesh filter
  • 4. RO membrane
  • 5. UV Chamber
  • 6. Post Carbon
  • 7. CarbiTrap
Storage capacity 8 liters 8 liters 7 liters
Purification rate 24 liters/hour 20 liters/hour 24 liters/hour
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year
Price Rs. 20,0000 Rs. 14,000 Rs. 14,000
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Kent Supreme water purifier(RO+UV+Tank UV)

Kent supreme water purifier

Kent Supreme water purifier(RO+UV+Tank UV) comes with a RO+UF+TDS controller that removes dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides, and fluoride. Kills contaminants like like bacteria, and viruses and makes water purify and human consumption. Its UV-light 'in storage tank' keeps purified water pure for a long time. Its TDS controller valve allows desired TDS level to retain essential natural minerals in the water.

It has 8 liters storage tank and is capable to deliver 20 liters per day. This water purifier comes with a 1-year warranty plus free 3 years with no service charge service.

Pureit Vital Max water purifier(RO+UV+MP)

pureit vital max water purifier

Pureit Vital Max water purifier(RO+UV+MP) comes with FiltraPower Technology, which removes toxic substances like Industrial chemicals, pesticides, and pathogens. Its 7 stages RO+UV+MP ensure that every drop of water is safe and sweet to drink. Its MP(Membrane Protector), unique feature avoids the building of salt scales RO membrane and UV light, So that RO and UV always work in their best condition. Its advanced “Mineral Enhanced Cartridge” added a suitable amount of essential minerals to water so that purified water feels always sweet and safe.

It has 7 liters storage tank and is capable to deliver 24 liters per day. Just like the Pureit Copper water purifier, it has a Smart-Sense indicator, warns you 15 days before GermKill kit expiry & stops the water automatically if the filter is not changed.

It's Eco RecoveryTM Technology provides effective and high-speed water filtration, which eventually reduces water wastage. This technology gives a 60% water recovery rate compared to other water purifiers give only 30%. Using an Eco Recovery Technology water purifier, you can save up to 80 glasses of water daily. If you are living in water shortage area, this type of Eco Recovery Water Purifier is best choice. The last stage "CarbiTrap" filter used to remove loose carbon particles. This water purifier costs approximately Rs. 14,0000 to Rs. 15,000.

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Closing thoughts

Despite of higher price Pureit Copper+RO is one of the best water purifiers available in the market. Pureit brand has best-in-class service, product features and aesthetics make it number one. Whereas, Kent Supreme is the next best one, in the lower budget it gives advanced technology features. Comes to Pureit Vital Max, powered with new technologies like FiltraPower and CorbiTrap makes it advanced and unique in the market. However, Vital Max is just launched in the market and is less known among the people, that's why it holds third place in our unbiased comparison.

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