Difference between uv and uf, which one is best
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Difference between uv and uf, which one is best

UV or Ultraviolet purifier contains a UV lamp, through which raw water passes. Due UV light intensity water borne disease causing bacteria, viruses and pathogens are become inactive. Whereas UF or Ultra Filtration water purifier consist semi permeable hollow membrane with holes( about 0.01 microns wide). When raw, unpurified water by gravity, water pressure passes through the UF membrane, the bacteria, viruses are blocked in it and remains purified water.

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  • To ignite UV lamp, UV water purifier requires electricity, whereas UF works based on semi permeable membrane does not require electricity, uses gravity, water pressure as power.

  • UV lamp is fixed in small container like a pipe through which water passes. To water pass through the UV lamp it requires running water with optimum water pressure. Whereas UF water purifier uses gravity to pass water through the UF membrane

  • UV versus UF
    UV Water Purifier UF Water Purifier
    Requires electricity to work No need of electricity.
    Requires running water.
    UV water purifier takes inlet from connected running water tap.
    No need of running water.
    Basically UF water purifiers are gravity based (topside container for raw, unpurified water, downside container for purified water). New models are coming with running tap water also, ex: Kent Smart.
    Kills waterborne diseases causing bacteria, viruses and pathogens, but their bodies still remain in purified water. Blocks and removes bacteria and viruses. Germs are trapped in UF filter, during manual water purifier cleaning theses germs are flushed out.
    Requires optimum water pressure. In case, in your home water pressure is too low or too high, you have to Pressure Pump to maintain optimum water pressure. No need to worry about water pressure.
    Water must be free from mud, turbidity. With turbidity water, UV does not work properly, even turbidity water damages UV lamp. UF highly capable to purify mud, turbidity water.
    No need to worry about the cleaning water purifier. Needs to clean once in a week, if need twice in a week also.
    Does not removes dissolved solids such as arsenic, fluoride, lead. Does not removes dissolved solids.
    Chemical free purification Chemical free purification
    Suitable for low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water like river, lake water. Suitable for low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water.
    Does not improves water taste and colour. Does not improves water taste and colour.
    UV water purifier UF water purifier

  • When water passes through the UV light water borne disease causing bacteria, viruses are becoming inactive, but their bodies still remain in the water. These inactive bacteria, virus bodies does not cause any health hazard, but in any case few bacteria, viruses are not 100% inactive and they redevelop, reproduce their population, as result contaminants the purified water. Whereas in UF water purifier bacteria, viruses are blocked in UF membrane and purified water passes. It may possible that some of bacteria, viruses pass through the UF membrane, reaches to purified water container and contaminates the remaining purified water.

  • In UV water purifier, when water is muddy and turbid UV light rays not able to pass through the water, as a result water still remains unpurified. In worst case the mud and turbid are stuck on UV lamp and makes UV light, functional and incapable to purify water. This can be considered as a negative point of a UV water purifier. To avoid these types of problems most of water purifier companies provide sediment filter or activated carbon as prefilter which are specialized to remove undissolved solid like mud and turbid. With these pre filters, UV water purifiers work effectively. On the positive side of UF water purifier is master to treat muddy, turbid water. UF is most effective to treat muddy, turbid water.

    water purifier turbidity

  • UV or UF water purifier, both are suitable for Low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water, in case of raw, unpurified water contains mud, turbidity go for the UF water purifier.

  • UV designed to kill bacteria, viruses etc, it does not remove any dissolved solids such as arsenic, fluoride, lead. Whereas UF also designed to block and remove bacteria, but not to remove dissolved solids. UF consist semi permeable membrane made of hollow fibers with 0.01 micron large holes from which dissolved solids easily can pass.

  • UV water purifier kills bacteria and viruses and delivers purified water, whereas UF water purifier blocks bacteria, viruses are remained in the UF hollow fiber membrane. These bacteria and viruses makes obstacles to pass water and slow down the purification process. Therefore it's recommended to clean UF membrane once in a week. Even in case of turbid water, purifier needs to clean twice in a week. Overall UV water purifier requires very less manual cleaning whereas UF water purifier requires lots of manual cleaning work.

  • Both UV and UF water purifiers don't use any chemical during the purification process. As UV and UF both are incapable removed dissolved solids, these water purifiers suitable for low TDS water such lake, river water. UV and UF water purifiers are not effective to improve color, taste of water. If you are worried about the color and taste of water go for the water purifier UV or UF integrated with Activated Carbon. Activated Carbon most effective to improve the color and taste of water. Kent Gold is one of these types of water purifier uses UF and Activated Carbon.


UF(Ultra Filtration) and UV(Ultraviolet) water purifiers have its own advantages and disadvantages. It is advisable to use UV and UF combination water purifiers. UV kills bacteria, viruses, but their bodies remains in the water which is trapped by UF water purifier.

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