Kent Water Purifier Without Electricity
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Kent Water Purifier Without Electricity

Water purifier without electricity works with activated carbon and Ultra Filtration (UF) technology. Electric water purifier uses RO and UV purification technologies along with activated carbon, UF. Kent is one of the famous water purifier brand that manufacturing efficient water purifier that works without electricity.

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Kent uses a UF membrane in water purifier without electricity. UF membrane makes water free from water borne disease causing bacteria and viruses. Kent water purifier best suitable for lake, river and municipal supply water.

Kent Gold water purifier features

  • Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic UF Membrane
  • Additional sediment filter & activated carbon filter
  • 20 liters total capacity
  • 7 liters top tank storage capacity
  • 13 liters bottom tank capcity
  • 4000 liters purifing capaity of UF membrane
  • Manual filling water tank
  • Non-breakable plastic tank

Advantages of Kent water purifiers without electricity

  • Water purifier does not use any chemicals, therefore water is free from health prone chemicals, makes it healthy and safe to drink.
  • It uses Ultra Filtration (UF) technology along with gravity for purification of water. Find out more about Ultra Filteration.
  • Kent provides a wide range of water purifiers without electricity, storage capacity starts from 10 liters to 20 liters.
  • Micro filtration UF membrane does not make water demineralized.

Disadvantages of Kent water purifiers without electricity

  • Kent UF membrane does not remove dissolved solids. It suitable only for lake, river water in which TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is low
  • Kent water purifiers do not make hard water to soft water. For this RO water purifier is suitable but it uses electricity.
  • You need to clean the UF filters weekly or after 2-3 days. This regular cleaning is mus t otherwise water filteration stops.

Types of Kent water purifiers without electricity

Kent gravity based water purifier
kent water purifier without electricity

Gravity based water purifier has 2 compartments. One for not purified water and another for purified water. The user has to manually pour water in upper side compartment. Water purifier uses gravity as a power for purification. Due to gravity water forced to pass through the UF membrane and removes waterborne diseases causing particles. Here the list best Kent water purifiers without electricity (Gravity based) list.

  • Kent Gold
  • Kent Gold+
  • Kent Gold Optima
  • Kent Gold Star
  • Kent Gold Cool
  • Kent Crystal(for dispensers)
Kent online water purifier

This type of water purifier has only one compartment. No need of manually pouring water in water purifier, overall, makes the water purification process fully automatic that too in economical budget. In-line water purifier is connected to running water tap. Due to water pressure, water forced to pass through the membrane. Resulted purified water stored in the storage tank. As water purifier connected to running water tap, water purification stars when storage water level gone below the maximum limit and stops when storage water level reaches maximum limit. Here the list best Kent water purifiers (online) list.

Kent Gold Water Purifier

This 20 liter storage capacity water purifier ideal for entry level water purifier. It has a UF membrane to purify water using gravity as a source of power. Kent Gold water purifier works without electricity and even not use any chemicals such as chlorine or bromine. It removes water borne disease casing cyst, bacteria and viruses. It is the only certified gravity based water purifier removes cyst. Non-breakable plastic body gives a long life span. Here the kent gold water purifier demo video about how to install water purifier and how to clean.

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