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All about Pureit germkill kit

Pureit Classic water purifier is available in two variants, 14 Litre model and 23 Litre model. Both the models are simple gravity based models. The heart of this purifier is Germkill kit. In this article we explore more about its types, how it work and when to replace. Please see many people refer Germkill kit as Pureit battery as it is the heart of the purifier.

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How Pureit battery works

Pureit advanced germkill kit contains three parts. First the Activated carbon which removes the harmful pesticides, parasites. The Activated carbon filter fits in the top compartment. In the second phase Germkill processor removes the invisible virus and bacteria. Apart from the Germkill processor cartridge works as indicator like when to replace the whole kit. The third component of this Germkill kit is the Polisher. Polisher removes the chlorine and improve the aesthetics of the water like color, bad odors and improves the taste of the water as well.

How Pureit battery works

When to replace Pureit Germkill kit

When the Germkill kit cartridge color changes to red means the germ kit kill is expired and you need to buy new one immediately. One good thing with pureit is its auto shut off feature. When the cartridge turns red the purification stops. This will make sure you won't drink not purified water mistakenly.

When to replace Pureit Germkill kit

If the color of cartridge is half red then it is a warning sign which says cartridge is about to expire and it is better to buy new one. The white color indicates kit is in good working condition. Please see you should not replace only one component like Activated carbon, total three components are required to be replaced. That's the reason all the three components are sold together. Below video explains how to replace the filter.

Pureit Germkill kit models

There are more than ten models available. If you search you can see pureit classic 14 litres germkill kit, pureit classic 23 litres germkill kit, pureit marvella ro germkill kit. The most popular one is pureit classic 23 litres germkill kit. But first which one you should buy. It is totally depend on the kind of model water purifier you are using. You may be surprised even Pureit marvella ro also has the germkill kit.

If you have little confused on which one to buy the best thing is to check Pureit gkk portal. On the left side panel you can select the model you are using the UI renders the matched germkill kits at right side. We are presenting couple of options. For Pureit classic 14 litres take Compact Gkk of 1250 liters. For Pureit classic 23 litres model you can take either advanced Gkk 1500 liter or advanced Gkk of 300 liters. Finally if you are confused little bit you can always reach the customer care at 1860-210-1000.

Pureit germkill kit price

The price depends on the Germkill kit model and its purification capacity. Generally 1500 liter purifier price is Rs. 500. The 3,000 liters capacity germkill kit price is around Rs. 900.

Where to buy Pureit germkill kit online

In fact you can buy directly from Pureit. Pureit delivers the germkill kit in 72 hours. Apart from that you can buy the same from Amazon and Flipkart as well. Finally when you replace the newer kit first two liters of water looks smelly. So throw that water, the water from next cycle will be good.

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