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How to remove fluoride from water, What is best fluoride water purifier?

Fluoride is a highly toxic substance that present in water and causes lifelong damage and early death. Mainly fluoride occupies the space inside the human bones and makes it weak. Arthritis, Bone fractures, Muscle disorders, Inhibited formation of antibodies are the some of health issues caused by fluoride in drinking water. Here we are presenting few things have to look while purchasing water purifier to purify the fluoride water. These type of water purifier capable to remove fluoride from water then which can be consumable.

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How to remove fluoride from water

As fluoride is dissolved solid, it’s hard to remove from water. Reverse Osmosis is one of the best way to remove fluoride from water. There are other methods such Bone Char, Activated Alumina are also effective to remove fluoride from water, but these fluoride water purifiers not available in India.

  1. Reverse Osmosis
  2. Bone Char( Not available in India)
  3. Activated Alumina( Not available in India)

Reverse Osmosis(RO) water filter to remove fluoride

RO water purifier is well known for purifying hard water is capable to remove fluoride from water. RO water purifier consists a semi permeable membrane with minute holes. When water passes through the RO membrane dissolved solids like fluoride, arsenic, lead etc. are blocked in that. At the end you get purified, fluoride free drinking water. If your living area is contaminated with fluoride, RO water purifier should be your choice for fluoride free water. Comes to the cons side of the RO water purifier, to run the RO water purifier require electricity, running water all the time. It needs to replace the RO membrane periodically. The biggest disadvantage of RO water purifier is it release lot of waste water while purifying, removing the fluoride from water. This will be a huge problem if you are living Water scarcity area. However, you can utilize this waste water for wash utensils and other.

RO water purifier removes fluoride

Bone Char(Not available in India)

Bone char or Bone Charcoal is basically made from animal bones by heating at high temperature. Bone Char capable to remove 90% and above fluoride from water. Bone Char also removes dissolved solids such as arsenic, lead. Bone Char has a porous matrix of matter which attracts the fluoride. When water passesthrough the bone char these minute pore spaces are filled by fluoride and other impurities, at the end get fluoride free water.

Activated Alumina(Not available in India)

Activated alumina made from aluminium hydroxide with the highly porous matter. This porous mater catches the dissolved solids like fluoride, arsenic, lead present in water. Activated Alumina capable reduces fluoride from 2 ppm (parts per million) to 0.1 ppm level.

How fluoride effects on human health

Consuming toxic fluoride water causes adverse health hazards. Fluoride effects on the brain, thyroid, chronic joint pain, arthritis, permanent damage the tooth enamel. Even heavy consumption of fluoride water for long duration makes human bones strikes, makes unable to stand or walk. Consumption of fluoride water increases the probability of Increased tumor and cancer rate. Lower IQ in the children, muscle disorders, disrupted immune system, damaged sperm and increased infertility are commonly affected by the fluoride.

fluoride effect on bones

Fluoride affected areas in India

Nearly 90 millions of people in India affected by the fluoride causing health issue. Rajasthan, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are heavily affected by the fluoride whereas Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh is coming next in queue. For instance, in Rajasthan the ground water is a major source of drinking and agriculture purpose, whereas groundwater is highly contaminated by fluoride. In Rajasthan, in a single state approximately 3 million people are affected by fluoride.

fluoride affected areas in India

You can get more info on regarding fluoride on the Water Quality Association, USA website. Water Quality Association, USA, publishes a report on fluoride health effects and fluoride treatment methods.

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