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Water Purifier for travel

The most commonly illness occurs while travelling is due to contaminated, untreated water. Contaminated water causes stomach pain, nausea, vomitings and diarrhoea. Most safe ways to be healthy while travelling is drink mineralized branded bottle water or drink boiled water. But theses are time consuming processes and sometimes it may not possible to find bottled water while you are hiking, camping. Here we are presenting some of portable light weighted water purifiers, especially made for travelling purpose.

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Lifestraw bottle, uses advanced micro filtration membrane technology to purify water. Nonelectric and lightweight makes it perfect for the travelling. Purification cartridge made up of micro filtration membrane that can remove 99.9999% of bacteria and protozoan cysts.

lifestraw portable water purifier

 LifeStraw available in two models, one as straw and another is a bottle. Straw allows you to drink directly from lakes or from any container. Whereas in the bottle you have to fill untreating, unpurified water in the bottle, after that you drink water from that. Lifestraw removes bacterias and parasites, but it does not remove chemicals like chlorine. While travelling for hiking, camping in the mountains far from human living space water is not contaminated by chemicals so it is safe to use Lifestraw while travelling. This portable water purifier straw costs approximately 1100 rupees whereas water filter bottle costs approximately 1800 rupees.

UV Portable Water Purifier 

This type of UV water purifiers quickly makes safe drinking water within a minute that in cost less than bottle water. The ultraviolet light that focused on water kills 99.99% of water borne disease causing bacteria, viruses and parasite cysts. This handheld UV water purifier looks like a pen and you carry in your packet. It consists lamp light that emits UV light. Removes the lamp cover, place the lamp in water and stir for a minute in bottle, glass of water. UV lamp is automatically turned off on treating water complete. UV has advantages as well as disadvantages , an important point to note that UV kills, deactivate water borne disease causing bacteria but it does not remove dissolved impurities or chemicals.

This water purifier uses electricity for purification. It has in-built  battery that can be charged like a cell phone using the USB charger or by connecting to a laptop. On one full charge it can work for 45 minutes approximate. These type handheld UV water purifier cost approximately 7000 rupees. In India, SteriPen provides standard quality handheld water purifiers.

Personal Purifier Bottle 

It looks like usual usable water bottle with in buildingfiltering cartridge inside the bottle. Poured the untreated, unpurified lake, river water in bottle, water passes through the maze of positive charged material traps the negatively charged water borne doescausing bacteria, viruses and makes water safe to drinkable.

purifying water bottle

The bottle has 1 liter capacity, whereas it can hold water up to 600ml. It uses no chemicals to purify water. The auto shutmechanism indicates changes of cartridge filter byreducing the flow of output water. In India, EurekaForbes Aquaguard and Tataswach manufacturing these types of water purifiers. These types of portable water purifiers costs approximately 600 rupees.

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