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Kent Gold Water Purifier Review

on January 01, 2016
Rating: (4)    
Kent Gold gravity water purifier gives you truly pure water and protects your family from water borne diseases. It is most useful for corporation water (which has low TDS). At the heart of Kent gold is the state of the art hollow fiber UF (Ultra Filtration) membrane, pores of which are 0.1 microns that do not allow most of the bacteria and cysts to pass through. The filtration process works without use of any chemicals like Chlorine, Bromine or Iodine, thereby making water healthy and safe for consumption.

This filter is also economical for maintenance compared to the other products in this category.

Kent Gold Water Purifier Features

  • Purification by hollow fiber UF Membrane. No use of chemicals like Chlorine, Bromine or Iodine.

  • It uses of nano silver carbon for better disinfection of water.

  • Removes bacteria as well as cysts, the pathogens which cause water borne diseases.

  • Total storage capacity: 20 liters-Upper Tank capacity: 7 liters-Bottom Tank capacity: 13 liters.

  • Ideal for purification of water from most sources preferably low TDS water.

  • Transparent tank made of unbreakable ABS food-grade plastic.

  • High base stand enables easy positioning of glass to draw water.

Shop Kent Pearl online

If interested you can buy the product from Amazon, FlipKart or Snapdeal. The price is around Rs.2,500

Kent Gold Water Purifier Pros  

  • This is most suitable where water source contains low bacteria, low TDS – usually from municipality water.

  • Extremely cost effective: Kent Gold purifies 4000 liters of water with one filter and requires replacement of membrane and filter that costs Rs. 550 only.

  • No electricity required, either for filtration or for dispensing water.

  • It also removes cysts, the pathogens which cause water borne diseases.

  • Chemical & chlorine free purification.

  • Large water storage capacity of 13 Liters.

  • This will not work for hard water and for water containing high bacteria. You need to buy RO or UV filter for that.

Kent Gold Water Purifier Cons  

  • You need to refill water regularly, it cannot be connected to tap directly. This is mostly true with all other gravity based purifiers though

  • Storage capacity is not 20 liters as advertised, the top tank storage is 7 liters and bottom tank storage for pure water is 13 liters.

  • Price is little on the higher end. Other filters in the same range come for lesser cost, but the annual maintenance is very economical though.

Review Verdict and Rating

Overall the product does what it is designed for, it removes the most of the bacteria and cysts and clean and safe water is dispensed in the output. This is one of the best in its category for purifying water with low bacteria and low TDS. Our rating is 4.0 out of 5. Be smart, if you are still confused about which purifier to buy, try our Water purifier selector to choose right featured water purifier as per your family requirements.

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