Pureit Classic 23 Litres Gravity Based Water Purifier Review
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PureIt Classic 23-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier Review

on Auguest 01, 2016
Rating: (4)    
The Hindustan Uniliver (HUL) Pureit classic water purifier gives you safe, clean, odorless, natural tasting healthy drinking water through a gravity based 4 step process. The filtration process involves multi step process: first step, a micro fiber filter that removes visible dirt, second, an activated carbon filter that eliminates harmful parasites and pesticides, third, Germ kill processor kills harmful bacteria and viruses, fourth, the Clarifier removes chlorine. This has an ability to kill 1 crore virus cells in 1 liter of water. This has crafted from high quality, non-toxic, food grade plastic.

PureIt Classic Water Purifier Features

  • Large container size
    Pureit classic has convenient models with diffferent capacity. The smaller capacity model of this water purifier is 14 liters. The popular model has 23 liters container. Pureit classic water filter doesn't require electricity to do the filtration process which reduces your electricity bills. But please see for smaller model actual driking water container size is around 5 liters only.

  • No installation required
    There is no need of installing. You can assemble the purifier your self.

  • Activated Carbon Trap
    Removes harmful pesticides & undesirable odor.

  • Auto Shut Off
    Auto Shut off ensures water purity. If catrgidge performance is lower then Auto Shut off features forces to stop the purifiaction. This will make sure you won't drink not purified water mistakenly.

  • Break Resistance Tap
    Tested upto 50,000 times to ensure that it lasts long. It is very easy to fill the glass of water with Pureit classic.

  • Compact & Sleek Design
    Ensures that it fits perfectly in your kitchen. You can pleace it any where you want. May be it is kitchen dashboard or hall.

  • Germkill Life Indicator
    Gives you an advance warning before Germkill Kit™ needs to be changed. So that you can bring the new one before it is too late. You can directly order from PureIt as well. Pureit website says that delivery will be done in 72 hours.

  • HIPS / ABS body
    Strong plastic to ensure purifier has a long life.

  • Multi Stage Purification
    Multi stage purification process through Programmed Germkill Technology. Removes 1 Cr Virus: Removes 1 crore virus in 1 Liter of water.

  • Practical Design
    Doesn't need electricity or expensive gas to purify water. Doesn't need continuous water supply.

  • 6 Months warranty
    Ensures complete peace of mind in case of defects.

PureIt Classic 14-Litre Pros  

    Pureit Classic Germkill indicator
  • This is most suitable for water with low bacteria, low TDS – usually from municipality water. Does not work for hard water though.

  • No electricity required, either for filtration or for dispensing water.

  • Auto Shut Off
    If you are not able to replace the filter in specific time, the filter will auto shut off filtration process and stop dispensing impure water. This ensures that your family members always drink safe water.

PureIt Classic 14-Litre Cons  

  • Expensive operating cost
    Though the cost of the filter is less, the annual maintenance cost is on the higher side. One Germkill Kit comes for Rs. 550 and purifies 1500 liters of water. So, typically you will need about Rs 550 for 1500 litres of water. To lower the burden you can buy other variant which costs around Rs. 1,000 for 3,000 litres of water.

  • Cannot eliminate heavy metals
    Pureit classic cannot eliminate Fluroide, Arsenic, Lead such kind of heavy metals and contaminations. These are heavy metals and not bacteria. Please see Pureit never advertised or mentioned that Classic can remove these. Take Pureit classic only if you are certain of no presense of these heavy metals.

  • You need to refill water regularly, it cannot be connected to tap directly. This is mostly true with all other gravity based purifiers though

  • Storage capacity is not 14 liters as advertised, the top tank storage is 9 liters and bottom tank storage for pure water is 5 liters.

  • Pureit classic do not work for hard water. But please see hard water is nothing but high amount of calcium and mantium. It is ok to drink hard water. Only the difference is hardness causes changes in water taste - a little sour. Pureit Classic cannot change athestics of water. But it is minor setback only.

Review Verdict and Rating

Overall the product does what it is designed for, it removes the most of the bacteria and viruses and clean and safe water is dispensed in the output. This is one of the cheap & best in its category for purifying water with low bacteria and low TDS. The only problem is its high maintenance cost compared to others in the category e.g., Kent Gold. Our rating is 4.0 out of 5. Be smart, if you are still confused about which purifier to buy, try our Water purifier selector to choose right featured water purifier as per your family requirements.

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