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PureIt Ultima Water Purifier Review

on September 18, 2015
Rating: (4.5)    

Pureit Ultima is one of the best water purifiers around. This water purifier features a purity indicator that lets you know about the level of purity in the water. Moreover, the digital advance alert system of the Pureit Ultima water purifier alerts you a few days before the Germkill cartridge runs out, giving you enough time to get a replacement. With the power to destroy 10 million virus cells in 1L of water, the HUL Pureit Ultima RO UV water purifier can be bought online at a reasonable price.

Pureit Ultima Features

  • 100% RO and UV

    100% water passes through RO and UV to give to completely safe water always

  • Pureit Advanced 6-stage Purification through RO+UV technology

  • Large 10L Water Storage

  • Removes 1 Crore Virus in 1 litre of water

  • Digital Advance Alert System

    The two concentric circles on the Digital Display Panels show the ongoing consumption of the GermKill Kit and alerts you 15 days before the End- of-Life of the kit.

  • Guided Alert System

    Guided Alert system that intelligently alerts you in case of specific electrical faults

  • RO Protection Lock

    RO Protection Lock that automatically stops the flow of water when Germkill kit expires

  • TDS Modulator

    A TDS Modulator that adds minerals post-purification and enhances the taste of water

  • TDS Removal up to 2000 PPM

    Turns hard water up to 2000 ppm into soft and sweet water

Pureit Ultima Pros  

  • 10L of storage capacity
    But actual still water capacity is only 9.2 L

  • Highest rating on service
    Amongst all water purifier brands at Mouthshut. Unlike other brands they have their own service team. If you see all water purifiers have very negative ratings on service. Out of which we have found Pureit Ultima has best customer service ratings. Apart from that Pureit provides first one year free service.

  • Purifies about 9-12 Liters per hour
    Not top notch in the range, but good enough.

  • It has Guided Alert System
    It can tell the user to replace the filters. So that you can raise a customer care request for the service before hand. Even if the TDS level of the water crosses certain level the display system mention the same.

    TDS purity indicator display

  • Auto shut off
    If the filters are not working properly, or need replacement. There is unlikely chances that you drink not purified water at all.

  • Purity Indicator
    Nice LED display which shows hardness of input and output water. It is amazing experience if you drink the water at night.

  • 100% RO
    100% water passes through RO. This is not true in other water purifiers.

  • Sediment filter
    Water may contain sediments like mud, dust, water pipes rust flakes, clay or organic matter. These sediments reduces the water purifier performance. To overcome this problem it is highly advisable to use sediment filter externally. Fortunatly Pureit provides the sediment filter, and it comes within the box. You it was there you would have to buy it outside.

Pureit Ultima Cons  

All the RO purifiers need sufficient pressure while inlet the water input connection. This is essential as water needs to pushed in RO membranes with pressure. If there is no enough water pressure then you need to buy a water pump an external devise to create enough water pressure. Please be aware this problem will be more if you live in independent home or top floor of the apartment. But this is particularly not the con of Ultima as all RO purifier faces trouble with pressure.

  • It needs electricity all the time

    All RO purifiers need electricity to run the motor and purify the water. So most of the brands came up with storage tank. So when power is there water is filtered and stored in the storage tank. But the major problem with Ultima is you need electricity even to dispense the water. You cannot dispense water when electricity is not there, even though you have water in the 10 L storage. It is the biggest con of the product. As an alternative you can fill it in some pot. If it is the major problem you can consider choosing Kent Grand or Kent Perl water purifier.

  • High maintenance cost

    This is true for most of the RO+UV water purifiers though. You need to replace GKK-1 & GKK-2 when the alarm is displayed. The approximate cost of both the kits is around Rs. 5000.

  • High amount of water wastage

    The output from 4 liters of input water is only 1 litre,so about 75% of water wastage. Just imagine if your family size is 3 members and you need daily 20 liters of water for drinking and cooking then you need to purify 80 liters of water to get 20 liters of pure water, and you have 60 liters of waste water. You can use that water for cleaning utensils, plants, washing clothes. But still you need to decide that you can spend some time to reuse the water.

    Kent Supreme RO+UV Water Purifier is one of the best alternative if you are keen on water wastage. Do read more about Zero percent wastage water purifier on possible alternatives.

  • Maintenance service:

    Pureit provides the best repair and maintenance service in all major cities. Whereas, in towns, Pureit won’t care about their service. In those areas, Puriet tied up with third-party service providers, who don't care about service or Pureit brand reputation. For GermKill Kit(yearly replacement filter) replacement, these third-party providers fraud the customer by replacing 2 filters out of 4 filters and charging the full amount, replacing them with cheap made-in-china filters is common practice with these third-party providers. However, this problem is not only with Pureit, all other reputed brands also doing the same thing in the industry.

Pureit Ultima Installation for online purchase

If interested you can buy the product from Amazon, FlipKart or Snapdeal. The price is around Rs.18,000. Pureit does the free installation. After you get the product all you need to do is to call their customer service number: 1860 210 1000. If you are still in doubt you can call the number 1860 210 1000 and confirm.

Pureit Ultima Advertisement

Pureit Ultima User Manual

Pureit provides a nice user manual on their site with a lot of useful information like how Pureit Ultima works, water flow diagram, digital display information like interpretation of each symbol shown in water purifier digital display, where to mount water purifier safely and other instructions.

Review Verdict and Rating

Overall product does what is designed for. PureIt brand has best in class service from the company. It has good ratings in social media. Our rating is 4.5 out of 5. Be smart, if you are still confused about which purifier to buy, try our Water purifier selector to choose right featured water purifier as per your family requirements.

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