Are gas geysers dangerous?
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Are gas geysers dangerous?

Yes, absolutely gas geysers are dangerous and health hazardous. Gas geyser comes at low-cost price and it economical to use with subsidized LPG gas. But the significant risk is involved in gas geyser usage. We do not recommend gas geysers at all. Prefer to use eclectic geysers only.

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In gas geysers work heating water. Gas burns make flame/fire in the gas compartment, but take LPG from the cylinder and oxygen from the inflow fan, eventually from the atmosphere. Gas burns heats-up the small tank existing above it and heats up the water. During this combustion process along with LPG, the geyser consumes the oxygen present in the bathroom at the same time it produces colour and odourless poisonous gas Carbon Monoxide. Within minutes of exposition to Carbon Monoxide, victims are poisoned and rendered unconscious. Here is an IndianExpress post about recent death, where a gas geyser is being considered as a cause.

However, we are using LPG in the kitchen, but when there is room for the gas to escape, nothing serious happens. Whereas gas geysers are installed in small-sized bathrooms with a lack of proper ventilation for air passage, no exhaust fan makes oxygen shortage and fills the odour with less Carbon Monoxide. People can't recognize the poisonous gases and breathe Carbon Monoxide gas, get unconscious, and even cause death also. Even many think, placing an LPG cylinder outside the bathroom makes it safe. But it's not. LPG combustion takes place inside the geyser which is installed in the bathroom. Gas geysers can be a fire hazard if not used and maintained correctly. A gas leak, malfunctioning parts, or incorrect installation can cause gas geysers to catch fire and potentially cause significant damage or injuries.

Gas geyser fire hazard

After so many health risks, if you still want to use a gas geyser, our suggestion is to place a gas geyser as well as an LPG cylinder in a very well-ventilated area like a courtyard or balcony and connect the water line to the bathroom tap. In case, of LPG leakage or combustion gas Carbon Monoxide easily passes away into the atmosphere. Below are a few screenshots of well-known newspaper posts discussing gas geyser problems. These articles may provide helpful information for individuals experiencing issues with their gas geysers, including common problems and potential solutions.

gas geyser is dangerous news

Precautions to take while using gas geysers

  • Must and should gas geyser be installed in an adequately ventilated area. Avoid installing in small, confined, less airflow space.
  • Keep the gas geyser at a height where the pilot flame is clearly visible, it is easier to monitor the status of the geyser and take appropriate action if necessary.
  • Always make sure the gas geyser is turn-off before leaving home.
  • Never, ever leave the gas geyser turn on for a long time.
  • Never keep explosive items like Kerosine(gasoline), bathroom acid near geyser.

Gas geyser fire - Youtube shorts

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