Fast track guide on Geyser installation and how to avoid common installation mistakes
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Fast track guide on Geyser installation and how to avoid common installation mistakes

Geyser installation is quite easy process but making mistakes can leads not only Geyser damage but also significant safety risks. We have gathered most common geyser trouble shooting problems and in some way root cause was more of wrong installation. In this article we present you common mistakes people do while installing the geyser and how to avoid them.

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Check wall mounting space before you buy the Geyser

Yes, you need to check the installation feasibility before you buy the Geyser model. All the modern homes are well equipped with electricity inlet and water water inlet. But few bathrooms are arranging attic or false ceiling to optimize the space. In such cases there won’t be sufficient space for vertical wall mounting. You need at least 2 feets space to install vertical Geyser. So before purchasing vertical geyser make sure you have sufficient space else go for horizontal geyser. You can read more about horizontal vs vertical geysers.

Avoid local plumber for installation

Install the Geyser from Authorized service center. Many manufacturers provides the installation service. Many people do this mistake - buy online install offline. Service center will charge you around 300 Rs - 500 Rs including visit charges and installation charges. The local plumbers on the contrary charges more than that and usually do not provide proper installation. As the manufacture service center people have expertise on installing their own Geysers, they are well aware of installation manual and safety and installation guidelines. Local plumbers do not have that knowledge. Local plumbers do not read installation manual before installation. Once I was installing the Geyser at my home the local plumber simple removed the safety pressure valve saying it is useless. This resulted me in water leakage in future and service technician explained me the installation mistakes.

Safety is the highest priority

First make sure your home is properly earthed. Geyser electrical socket has proper earthing. The electricity connections should be behind the walls. Electricity power on off switches should be outside the bathroom. Geyser power inlet socket should have safe MCB overload protection. Geyser should be at sufficient height so that your head won’t hit to Geyser surface.

Water pipes and sufficient pressure

Make sure water pipes are clog free and unblock if there is a issue. Check water connections before installing. If you live in a independent house then there is a case of low water pressure. In that case consult the technician you may need to buy pressure pump to generate enough pressure.

Get the installation material

Usually you need two steel ribbed pipes. Make sure you have one angle valve brass, one connection nipple, 15A plug and teflon tape and bolts, screws and washers. Usually service center people while coming for installation bring these stuff along with them whereas local plumber run around local shops for this.

geyser pipe fittings

Be extra cautious with Gas Geyser installation

Please see above installation guidelines are for electricity geysers. For gas geyser installation you need to ensure additional safety for gas cylinder installation. Apart from that make sure your bathroom has sufficient ventilation to avoid accidents.

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