Is it safe to drink water from geyser?
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Is it safe to drink water from geyser?

Straight to the point: drinking boiled water from a geyser is not recommended. During the heating process, impurities such as sediment, limescale, rust from plumbing pipes, and metal particles quickly dissolve in hot water. Even worse is that hot water dissolves impurities like metal particles, especially lead, more rapidly. Consequently, water heated in a geyser contains a high concentration of impurities. While geyser water may be considered safe for bathing, it is not suitable for drinking due to these impurities.

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In India, it may be convenient to use hot water from the kitchen’s geyser tap, it is generally unsafe. It has a high chance of being contaminated by plumbing pipes, geyser metal part’s impurities, and glass coating looses particles. In India, many homes had old rusted metal water pipelines that contaminated water with rust and lead. Lead particles can quickly dissolve in hot water. However, plumbing lines made up of PVC(Plastic) are not considered safe. Hot water flows from the geyser to tap through PVC pipes, due to heat exposure PVC pipes release plastic particles and plastic odour in water. An official website of the United States's EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) recommends not using geyser hot water for drinking, cooking or making baby bottle milk.

In general, a geyser contains an anode rod made up of magnesium and zinc. The purpose of this rod is to protect the geyser tank from corroding by corroding itself. However, a corrosive anode rod doesn’t affect the bathing experience but it is unsafe for drinking and cooking due to the high amount of magnesium and zinc.

geyser anode rod

Over time, sediment(white colour substance) accumulates on the heating element and loosened sediment will settle on the geyser bottom. Open a geyser tank that’s a few years old, and it probably has a thick layer of sediment at the bottom. You can watch the YouTube video below to see how much dirt and rocks build up inside a geyser over time. You are supposed to flush the tank regularly, but nobody does this.


A glass of hot water from a geyser may contain a minute quantity of rust, metal particles, and sediment sludge. Consuming it occasionally, perhaps once or twice, may be acceptable. However, drinking it regularly over the years is considered unsafe.

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