Difference between vertical and horizontal geyser
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Difference between vertical and horizontal geyser

Once you know the capacity and Geyser type you can choose between vertical mounting geyser or horizontal geyser. In this guide we explore pros and cons of both the approaches. At the end you will get clarity on taking horizontal or vertical geyser.

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Traditionally Geyser water heaters are vertically mounted. Horizontally mounted geysers new to the market. For electric instant Geysers come only in vertical mounting style. There are no horizontal instant geysers in the market. The reason is instant geysers take so little space on the wall and there is no point in changing the mounting style. The stored geysers with at least 15 litres capacity comes in two flavours - vertical geysers and horizontal geysers. These are also known as V-Wall geysers and H-Wall geysers. A table with short differences are given below.

Feature Vertical Geyser Horizontal Geyser
Requirement Need vertical space No need of vertical space
Price Cheaper Costlier
Aesthetics Looks ok Looks beautiful
Energy efficient Best efficiency in heating Moderate efficiency in heating
Installation Very easy to install Little difficult to install
Example Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L Vertical Geyser AO Smith HAS-X1-025-RHS Storage 25 Litre Horizontal Geyser

When to choose horizontal geysers?

ertical geyser water heaters requires at least two feets of vertical length on the wall. If your bathroom ceiling is low, you have decorated with false ceiling, or have attic then you won't have enough vertical space on the wall to mount the geyser vertically. In this case horizontal geysers make sense.

Apart from that horizontal electric geysers aesthetically looks very beautiful in the bathroom. While installing horizontal geyser makes sure there is enough space adjacent to attend minor repairs. It is very bad installation if even for minor repairs you need to unmount the geyser from the wall. Confirm with the plumber whether they have expertise in installing horizontal electric geysers as it is little difficult compared to vertical and requires little expertise.

Horizontal Geysers vs Vertical Geysers

If you have sufficient space on the wall you can choose between horizontal and vertical. The real question is if I have space to install both types of electric geysers then which one to consider. Traditionally electric geysers are vertically mounted and it is natural method as well. Horizontal geysers are introduced to address space constraints. It is believed that Vertical electric geysers are more efficient. The reason is stratification. Stratification is measure of ease of mixing cold and hot water. The explanation is as follows.

Hot water has less density so it tends to go to the top in the water tank of geyser. The cold water stays at the bottom. When the both water mix there is some turbulence and friction when water is pushed out of geyser. This turbulence is less in vertical geyser model compared to horizontal model. So water is dispersed very easily in vertical model.

horizontal geysers vs vertical geysers

Apart from that vertical models generally considered as energy efficient. This is general opinion, but few horizontal manufacturers can go beyond and can try to achieve the efficiency. Pricing is another criteria. Horizontal electric geysers tends to be costlier than vertical electric geysers. The price difference goes around from 20 to 30%. For example AO smith 15 liters vertical geysers price is around Rs. 7,000 whereas the horizontal one price is around Rs. 9,000. Gas geysers usally do not come in horizontal models.
Bajaj, Havells, Racold, V guard, AO smith, Kenstar, Crompton are well known brands with varying capacity like 10 ltr, 15 ltr and 25 ltr. You can buy these electric geysers online from Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

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