Winter is coming! Is your Geyser ready?
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Winter is coming! Is your Geyser ready?

As winter is approaching it is good to check the Geyser status and get it ready for the cold days. Hot water in winter is becoming the need than a luxury. We have collected common problems and presenting the comprehensive geyser troubleshooting guide. Please see we are presenting electrical geyser repair issues only. Gas geyser repair problems are different and quite complex which needs to handle delicately.

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We are listing few common scenarios. It is better to check few things before planning for a repair from the technician. Few examples like proper Geyser settings, thermostat settings, safety valves and home earthing can solve simple problems. If the issue is not mentioned above then most likely there is an issue with the heating element or thermostat. The heating element is responsible for heating the water and thermostat takes care of when to start heating the water and when to stop. The most important thing does not approach local plumber for geyser repair. The local plumbers may not have expertise in all types of geysers and have a tendency to hack the problem and give temporary and inefficient solutions. It is always best to approach manufacturer's authorised service centre. Many brands send their technician to your home to fix the issue.

Geyser not turning on

There could be two reasons. First, check whether your electricity connection is proper. If you are sure that geyser electrical connection is proper then the issue is different. Mostly there won't be glowing light indicator. Many Geyser models drip to avoid overheating problem. There is a button which monitors the overheating. When the water temperature reaches very high level it may drip off. But the new models have taken care of this scenario with the help of thermostat. The real issue says there is no water and Geyser is on for a long time. Geyser heating element can burn down and damages total Geyser itself. In those scenarios, there is safety button/switch which drips. Havells Geysers have such good provision. But that switch is inside the Geyser so you need to call the customer care or plumber when it drips. Moral of the story: Check water supply before switching on the Geyser.

Geyser not working or No hot water

In this scenario, Geyser is turning on. You can see the glowing light indicator. It looks like all is well. But the water is cold. There is no hot water. What to do? There can be a couple of reasons.

  1. Water heating element is damaged. Probably it is broken, or too much of coercion. Somehow it is damaged.
  2. TThe thermostat is a device which monitors the geyser tank temperature. If the water is too hot then it switches off and if the water is cold below the threshold level then it switches on.

  3. geyser thermostat

    You can set the thermostat settings. Basically, it is nob on the geyser where you can set water temperature level - cold, medium hot, very hot. The first step is to check thermostat level to see it is not set to cold level. If the thermostat is marked hot then there is some real damage.

    If the heating element or thermostat is damaged then contact the manufacturer customer care. The brand will send you authorised plumber or repair man to fix the issue. It is not suggested to approach local plumber is they tend to fix by hack or jugaad. The problem will be repeated if it is not fixed properly, and at the worse case geyser can be damaged as well.

    Water not hot enough

    As we mentioned above thermostat is primary component to deal with temperature settings. The cause for geyser water not hot enough is when the thermostat stops functioning or malfunctioned. This results in thermostat switching off the geyser assuming water is hot, but in fact, water is cold.

    Geyser giving shock

    Check the earthing first. If earthing is bad then many appliances give an electric shock. Usually, only one appliance do not give a shock. Anyway, it is better to check. If your home has good earthing and still your electrical Geyser giving shock then it is very dangerous. In fact, it can even cause electrocute. Once you observe shock immediately stop using the Geyser. Contact concerned customer care. This is caused when the heating element is damaged, have cracks inside. The cracks lead to route the electricity to water.

    Geyser leaking water Or Geyser keeps tripping

    Verify the electrical Geyser valves. When the valves are loose Geysers tend to lose water. Tightening the valves should fix the issue. Otherwise, this can be caused by excessive pressure build up. This is the common problem in high-rise apartments as water comes with aggressive pressure from the top. To overcome such common problems many Geysers nowadays come with safety pressure valve. When there are high pressure and geyser tank cannot handle it is common to leak some water. One to two litres of water leaking is normal, more than that leaking you need to consult the technician. Know more about how to choose Geyser for High Rise Building on our article.

    Geyser keeps overflowing

    Old electrical geyser models tend to overflow the water when the thermostat settings allowed very high temperature. The new models have designed the electrical geyser tanks size in the view of excess overflow after boiling. Still, the overflow can happen when the valves are loose.

    Last one: Repair or Buy new one

    It is good to repair if it is minor problem that can be fixed easily. Most important concern is if Geyser is giving shock because it is old then considering safety risks it is better to bring new one. Other than that if Geyser is very old, more than 7 years then the geyser equipment would have been old and lot of coercion in the tank and heating equipment. Because of that it may consume more electricity, to heat the water. Considering long-term electricity charges buying new geyser online can be logical option. Plumbers also charges significantly for repairs. It is not surprise that five plumbers visits and repairs costs half of the Geyser cost. You can buy new Geyser online and geyser price ranges from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 20,000 depending on the model and varying capacity like 10 ltr, 15 ltr and 25 ltr. Bajaj, Havells, Racold, V guard are well known brands.

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