Best geysers for hard water
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Best geysers for hard water

It is an amazing experience in taking hot water bath in cold winter. But if you are living in cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Noida and other you must have faced hard water problem. So what happens to Geysers with hard water?

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How hard water damages the Geysers

In short the hard water creates scaling in the inner tank of Geyser and damages heating element. It can also cause corrosion faster and you may face frequent repairs to Geysers or may need to buy new one within few years.

Hot water and hard water is very difficult combination. Geyser water heater has three components. Water heating element, Thermostat and water tank. Water heating element does the heating of the water job and make sure water is hot. Thermostat decides when to turn on the water heating and turn on the heating. It is like OS for water heating element. Water tank holds the water. Hard water can corrode the water heating element. Water tank damages due to corrosion. In fact hard water forms white scalling inside the tank. Ofcourse thermostat won't be effected. Apart from that water pipes carying the hot water from geyser outlet can also form rust, corrosion.

How to protect the Geyser from hard water?

  • Use corrosion resistant water tank - example made by Vitreous Enamel metal made by powder glass. The best examples are Havells Bello, Havells Quatro and Havells Puro, Racold Pronto. Best brands in manufacturing copper or Vitreous Enamel metal geysre water tanks are Havells, AO Smith, Racold and Bajaj. It will somewhat reduce the damage caused by hard water scaling on the inner walls of the tank. But this solution only protect geyser water tank and not the other elements of the Geyser.

  • To Avoid damage of the other elements like water heating element the only viable solution is to use water softener. The water input goes to water softener and the softener output goes as input to Geyser. As the softener converts the hard water to soft water - there won't be any problem to Geyser. Water softener converts hardness elements like Magnesium and Calcium to other softer forms. This will avoid salt formation on the geyser walls and rescue the Geyser from damaging. Water softner can installed adjecent to Geyser as well. The installation of water softner is easy. Soft water generates extra lather and good for hair and skin as well.

    Please see above solutions are most suitable for electic geysers and not for gas geysers. As Gas geyser have different machanism for heating the water. But having copper or Vitreous Enamel metal water tank solution is valid for both gas geysers and electrical geysers.

  • Geyser filters - There are few filters available in the market, which specially manufactured for geysers to protect from iron and scaling. Filters remove the iron particles and gives you great bath and shampoo experience. “Ira mini geyser filter” and “Ira geyser filter” comes in this category. These filters also can fix to the commode and relieved from ugly iron stains, maintains aesthetic of the bathroom.

    geyser filters

Where to buy Water Softener

Luckily it is available to buy online. Kent is providing the water softener in compact form. So that you can easily arrange it to Geyser or Washing machine. The softner comes with one year warrenty.

hard water softener for geyser

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